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  Forbes International has published a list of the 10 most profitable people on YouTube in 2020. There are many records in this list, they have collected almost $2.1 billion. It is worth noting that this list includes two 9-year-old children. For years, Ryan Kaji, who has been number one on YouTube for the third year in a row in the list of high-income earners, and Anastasia Raginskaya, a seven-year-old Russian girl, have been ranked seventh.



Here is a list of the highest earners on YouTube:

1- Ryan Kaji:

Channel name: "Ryan's World".

Subscribers to his channel: 41.7 million

Channel views: 12.2 billion times

His income is estimated at $38.9 million.

Nine-year-old Ryan Kaji took the title of YouTube star after he topped YouTube's highest-earning list for the third year in a row, with children's income reaching $30 million. Achieve it through "Gaming Experience" and review it through his channel. On YouTube video.

2- Jimmy Donaldson

Channel name: "Mr. Best"

Number of subscribers to his channel: 47.8 million.

Views: 3 billion times.

Revenue: $31.6 million.

Best known by his online alias Mr. Monster is a prominent American YouTuber, who often works on charity. He has been recognized as a kind of YouTuber who focuses on expensive stunts.

3- Dude Perfect:

Channel name: Dude Perfect.

Number of subscribers: 57.5 million.

Views: 2.77 billion times.

Revenue $30.3 million.

"Dodd Perfect" is a multinational sports entertainment group based in Frisco, Texas, with video that goes beyond the list of the most watched sports channels to date, with many players joining the golf course to play ball, and it was a shooting competition. And with some goals using different tools. The number of videos on the channel so far has reached 234.

4- Rails and links:

Channel Name: New Legendary Morning

The number of subscribers to the channel: 41.8 million.

Views: 1.9 billion times.

Profit: $26.3 million

This video was created by two friends, James McLaughlin (43) and Link (42), who paid $10 million for the SMOSH YouTube comedy channel. I saw it on YouTube last year.

5- Mark Fischbach:

Channel name: Markibler.

Number of subscribers to the channel: 27.8 million subscribers.

Views: 3.1 billion times.

Revenue: $25.7 million.

He posts very general details about video games. It has attracted nearly 28 million subscribers.

6. Peterson Arsenal

Channel name: Peterson.

Number of subscribers to the channel: 33.4 million.

Views: 3.3 billion times.

Profit: $22.4 million

His videos feature exploration of the moving universe, and many of his videos also focus on gaming.

7- Anastasia Raginskaya:

Channel name: Like Nastya.

The number of subscribers to the channel: 190.6 million.

Views: 39 billion.

Revenue: $18.5 million.

A 6-year-old Russian YouTuber shows a video of her and her father playing Lego, doing housework, and explaining the virus.

8. Stephen John

Channel name: Educational video for kids.

Number of subscribers to the channel: 27.4 million.

Views: 8.2 billion times.

Revenue: $22.4 million.

The 32-year-old is the only adult who launched the channel in 2014 and creates children's content on the list. He plays Blippi, a bright childlike character who teaches through video

9- David Dobrik

Channel name: David Dobrik

Number of subscribers to the channel: 18.6 million subscribers.

Views: 7.7 billion times

Profit: $22.4 million

Over the past few years, the 24-year-old Dublick has done just about anything to make his fans laugh. He drove an convertible into a car wash, shaved someone's whole body, once married his mother and surprised his best friend.

10. Jeffree Star:

Channel name: Jeffree Star

Number of subscribers to the channel: 16.9 million.

Views: 2.41 billion times.

Revenue: $19.7 million.

Jeffree Star is an American Singer, Songwriter, Make-up Artist, Fashion Designer, and Model from Orange County, California. The founder and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics lives in Calabasas, California with his friend Nathan Schwand.

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