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Additional photo design apps

 ** There is a great variety of photo editing and editing apps for iPhone. Check out the top 10 apps in that group. God will be glad you like it **

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1- Snapseed App

Snapseed photo editing app for iPhone

Snapseed is a free photo editing software for iPhone that is today's number one app. In addition to many filters, this application has many features that allow you to adjust lighting and colors, crop and rotate photos, and add frames and text. The most important feature of Snapseed that you can add to a photo is that you can copy the edits you made to one photo and apply them to another, rather than repeating the same edits over and over. Make sure to try this app.

*Click here to download Snapseed app

2- Enlight Application


--Enlight is a very popular iPhone photo editing app, which was awarded "App of the Year" in several countries in 2015. Draw photos, add text, merge photos, remove blemishes from photos, crop, rotate, add frames, choose photo format to save, add effects Black and white, ability to share photos directly on social media, and many more great features for you through this application.

*Click here to download the Enlight app

3- Visco. Application

VSCO-Photo Editing App on iPhone

-VSCO is one of the best photo design apps for iPhone, with this app to adjust lighting, crop photos, adjust colors, add various filters, and photos, you can use 19 powerful photo editing and saving tools. High quality, full control over all photo specifications, download additional filters from updates, share edited photos on social networks, the app is available in several languages ​​like English and French, this app has many features that made it among the best free photo editing apps for iPhone.

*Click here to download the VSCO app

4- Phoenix application

Phoenix-Photo Editor App for iPhone

A very special app for editing photos on iPhone, this app has many features, such as creating photo borders, changing fonts, adding effects to photos, where you can undo or take out a photo. Quality up to 3000*3000, Direct share photos to social media, Add filters, Adjust brightness and contrast, Add effects to photos, Crop parts of photos, Draw and write photos, and more great tools available through this app.

*Click here to download the Phoenix app

5- Adobe Photoshop Express app


- When it comes to design and photo editing, we need to mention the giant Adobe, one of the leading companies in this field, and the app for iPhone users has many advantages. This app is Photoshop for iPhone. It offers a variety of tools, including tools for cropping and adjusting colors and lighting, the ability to combine groups of images into one image, and the ability to add several filters to an image. Many other tools.

*Click here to download Adobe Photoshop Express

6- PicsArt Photo Studio


PicsArt is one of the most popular photo editing apps for iPhone. The app has been downloaded more than 400 million times in the iTunes store, which shows the popularity of this app. The most notable feature of PicsArt is the merging of images in specific locations. Among more than 100 different templates. You can also choose from 100 different fonts to combine and copy photos on your iPhone. You can also add stickers to your photos using tools popular in other apps like crop, rotate, filter, and filter. more.

*Click here to download PicsArt Photo Studio

7- Facetune App

Facetune-2-Photo Editor App for iPhone

Facetune in this field enables professional photography editing capabilities, which can remove photo imperfections, whiten teeth, enlarge eyes and smiles, change eye color and brighten. It is one of the great applications. Remove skin and photo wrinkles, remove photo background, additional lighting and color control of effects and filters, remove flash effect, remove skin blemishes, all these features, all these features you can enjoy for free, please try more and more special applications.