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Download Instagram for iPhone and Android with the latest features

 You can connect with your friends, share what you're doing and find out what's new from others around the world. Feel free to explore a community where you can be yourself and share everything from everyday moments to life highlights.

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To securely install the Instagram  app for  iPhone  from the Emad Store in its developed version, click on “Install for iPhone” marked under it with the line shown above.

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When downloading the Instagram app for iPhone, we must first ensure that the applications certificate is working by following our accounts on social media with the user @emad1saleh@ where we publish tweets and publications announcing that the applications are working.

And to download the Instagram  application for  Android  from the Emad Store, with its wonderful and developed features:

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Express yourself and connect with friends

* Add photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours to your story and bring your story to life with fun creative tools.

* Use Messenger to send messages to your friends. Share and connect by what you see in your feeds and stories.

* Create and discover short and funny Instagram videos with reels.

* Post the photos and videos you want to show on your profile to the feed.

Learn more about your interests

* Check out the long videos of your favorite creators on IGTV.

* Get inspired by photos and videos from your new Explore account.

* Discover brands and small businesses and buy products related to your personal style.

Some Instagram features may not be available in your country or region.

what's new

August 23, 2021

Version 202.0

The latest version includes bug fixes and performance improvements.

4.7 out of 5 stars

21.5 million comments

Editor's note

Among the hordes of social media apps, Instagram stands out for a reason: it makes sharing moments with anyone in your world easy, fast, and fun. Whether you're posting gorgeous vacation photos edited with one of dozens of cool photo filters, or crazy concert videos, Instagram's handpicked reach makes it top of the list for social sharing. ..

Can not access. a lot of problems.

I have two Instagram accounts, but two accounts don't have the same functionality as the other accounts. Switching between two accounts that do not have the same features in the same app can be very confusing and annoying. One may have a different new version of the DM, while the other may have an older version that is stuck and never updated.

For the past two months, my main account has been banned about every two weeks. During that time, I also changed my Instagram password eight times. I often rely on posts to keep viewers and get new followers (and to catch potential clients' attention because I'm an artist who makes money from commissions), but Instagram obviously can't do that if you're blocking posts. We do not share your account with anyone, buy followers or use third party apps on Instagram. So I can't go on with that.

Not to mention the terrible support. If you have a problem or need some help, you should forget about it. The support team was incredibly useless and always did. I've seen accounts posting extremely illegal content that Instagram considers safe for all ages! Even after reporting. All the legitimate issues I tried to report were silent.

Great idea on Instagram. However, the app itself is getting worse over time.

Easy to use while catching up on the competition

Hello! I just visited Instagram a week ago and it's a great way to connect with friends and see what they're up to, and it's a great resource for school clubs and events. However, I have heard the news that Instagram has become an app for sharing videos on social media rather than focusing on the image aspects. This is very frustrating because we already have a variety of important applications for video. Many of my friends are artists and photographers who make money through Instagram. This is where they will most likely move to another platform. I totally understand why they do this, but this only breaks the app. We want Instagram users to rethink this upcoming update. Or who still knows? If you want to add more video features, select it. However, do not exclude artists, companies, and photographers in this way. Make sure to pay due attention to both parties. Moreover, I absolutely love Instagram and the number of private and secure accounts I have. Anyway, I would appreciate if you could take a look at my Instagram and reply. I know a lot of people who are considering leaving the app because of this new update. Thank you so much!

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