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Hello dear reader

About the owner and founder of the Website:

Name ./ Emad Saleh.
Qualification: Master of Business Administration.
An expert in the field of business and investment via the Internet.
Interested in science, technology and modern scientific and cultural research.
Languages: Arabic & English.
    I love blogging and writing articles, especially those that explain Android and iPhone programs and games, technology and culture.

    Our team publishes topics on this site:
    Emad Saleh Al-Azab
    Nasr Mohieldin
    Umm Amir
    Amr Saleh Al-Azab

       (About the Golden Plus Store )
       The Golden Plus store provides technical content and information in a variety of fields, but the greatest interest is in technology and in providing and explaining programs, applications and games for the iPhone and Android systems. Additional lessons and courses in different technical fields, many cultural fields and other wonderful sections, from which we seek to provide everything our customers and visitors to the Golden Plus store need, and we care deeply about credibility and reliability .

      In the event that there is any question about any topic in the store in any part that you do not understand, you can contact us by writing a comment or sending us a message on Instagram, Snap and Twitter via the user, or the username circulated in all our accounts: @emad1saleh@.