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Download jodel for iPhone and Android with the latest features

  Jodel will quickly connect you to your local community. This is a live social media feed filled with news, questions, events, confessions and jokes.

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To securely install the Jodel for iPhone  application  from the Emad Store in its developed version, click on Install for the iPhone marked under the line shown above.

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or you can install 3

When downloading the Jodel application for the iPhone, it must first ensure that the certificate of applications is working by following our accounts on social networking sites with the user @emad1saleh@ where we publish tweets and publications announcing that the applications are working.

And to download the Jodel application for  Android  from the Emad Store with its wonderful and developed features:

Download for Android 1  Download for Android

Download Yodel for iPhone and Android

Jodel unites the communities around you and provides the tools to experience all that your city has to offer. Never miss what's happening around you again!

Jodel is a place where everyone can talk and interact with others nearby in a relaxed way. If you want to know everything "local", Jodel is for you. With Jodel in your pocket, you can always see the heartbeat of the city. Subscribe to Jodel now.

Jodel is the latest social media that you missed, keeps you connected with everyone and everything you deserve to know near you.

With Jodel you can:

See what's happening in your town in real time

Laugh and have fun with the community

Be yourself without social pressures

-Chat with other Joderers near you and post messages and photos to everyone around you

- Vote on posts and decide what your area is talking about

- Make new friends and connect with people around you to share your interests

-Get student discounts, deals and know where to find the best burgers

- Collect vine and spread good atmosphere

-Easy to find and provide useful local information

-Fix the content you want to follow

-Join a channel with more personalized content

Share your favorite content on other social media platforms

-Please allow a secret meeting with chicken nuggets (oh baby!)

jodel is a post/message shared by the Jodel app. It will be visible to all users of your local app. Jodeler is a Jodel app user, who loves to post/process content, and monitors the status of the community.

Become a Jodler user now! Learn more about life in your local community by accessing important news and events for your city. Get notified as an important news break, find out first what's going on, and stay up to date with the local forecast and weather forecast.

Find events, jobs and local ads in your area and find everything happening in your city in one easy-to-use app. Share your personal story with your Jodelle friends! Be your original and unique self and share your great ideas.

Yodel has one simple goal. It is to encourage people to connect and interact locally in a meaningful way. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from. The important thing is what you have to say. This is where you will find many new things to love as you learn about your community. We aim to be kind and friendly in the community so that everyone here can have a good time at #GoodVibesOnly.

Yodel a Swiss song:

Positive and Friendly: Joderers are always positive and kind to each other. It feels good! Helpful and supportive: Jodelers help each other out. Do good and may your karma be with you!

Colors and Diversity: Our different colors represent the diversity of people and subjects in our community. We celebrate and embrace diversity. Diversity is the spice of life.

Respect and Humanity: Remember that Jodel is a meaningful social media, interacting with real people as well as a screen. Treat others the way you want them to treat you: friendly and respectful.

ORIGINAL AND CREATIVE: Be your original and unique self, share your great ideas, we value creativity and new ideas, be yourself!

Jodelahuiitiii: Don't underestimate the importance of having fun together. Don't take your life too seriously and enjoy the ride with a smile.

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