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  Nobody cares about Android strategy games as in the past few years, so much for Android strategy games, especially for adults over 30 years old, because they have a lot of time and plans. I didn't know any information. Adventure games are so popular in action games that you can live with it, but when we look at it.

But five years ago, these games were developed to resemble our reality, new games were programmed in all categories, accepted by many players, and so far their numbers have been constantly increasing. In my opinion, strategy games are more interesting. Other games full of shooting kill because other games are not so enthusiastic and polluted, we show you the best strategy games for Android below.

Best strategy game for Android

Learn about Android strategy games with a brief description of each game and learn about the best strategy games for Android. Then you will know which game you want to play.

1-Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans e1392659745720

Get started with the best Android games in the world of strategy war. This game has been played by many adults and children, whether it is just an experience or not, but since many really like to play it, it has been rated as one of the best games here, due to its popularity and ability to find players in all countries around the world. the games. And when you mention a strategy game for Android, you will never lose sight of it. It is the best strategy game for Android so it is in perfect harmony while playing, allowing you to separate your thoughts from reality. beyond explanation. Click here to download from Google Play.


2- Plague Company

Plague Co., Ltd.

This game is the second best strategy game on Android, but it is not one of the games programmed recently. That is why, unlike in the past, few people actually know this. , he was so fascinated by his beautiful ideas that your role turns to infectious bacteria or other things like viruses and bacteria, and your job here in every country in the world is to continue spreading to. If you are an Android phone user to infect and kill all human creatures, you can download the game from here.

3- Medal of the Great Battles

Great battles in the Middle Ages

This game is one of the games designed to simulate our influence but in another way we participated in the ancient war 100 years ago and there are many battles so we can participate. What distinguishes this game and makes it one of the most beautiful strategy games for Android is the combat system. The fight is short, so you won't lose sight of it. The link to download this game is here for your time

4- Pen and Paper Knight 2

Pen and Paper Knight 2

Our game here is distinctly different from other games in two ways. One is that it is designed to use premium pixel graphics. Here you can see the pixels of all the graphics very clearly. The second includes playing with knights, killing monsters and destroying witches in the presence of dungeons, which has a great classic style and the first version was the same style and the same great idea. You need to click here to download this game because it is one of the games that attract all categories.

5-World at Arms

The world is in arms

Looking at the name of the game, I think it is a kind of strategy game for Android that follows the shape of a world war, but in reality, the idea is that the United States will fight a dangerous terrorist organization called KRA. , it threatens peace with it, so you have to build a base and develop it strategically and militarily, and you have a number of devices, missiles, helicopters, etc. that make the base stronger, you have to buy this weapon and you have to be fully prepared to confront the base from the enemy and its gameplay makes it an excellent class of strategy games for Android and you can easily download The game from here to increase.

6- Tropico

Tropico games are very beautiful, create your own city and do whatever you want with your own ideas. Dictatorship is a type of regime in which games have been built lately. It's all right. Full of injustice and tyranny in governance, that's what you decide how you play. Before this game is available for Android, one is on your PC and one is on your PlayStation, click here for Android phones.

7- Army of Heroes

army of heroes

Our game now is a war game and you face other people in different countries of the world. First build a good defensive base to protect your soldiers and don't lose sight of your training while doing so; army of your military base; You will be attacked at any time, so you have to confront, you have to survive and get out of each attack with the least loss, the graphics in this game are amazing and exciting because the graphics made it one of the best strategies. It is a game for Android, you can download the game now from here.

8-Kingdom Rush: Revenge

Peak kingdom

This game from the group of strategy android games are related to each other, the idea is to defend and protect the tower. This release, called Vengeance, is the fourth and final installment of that group of games and has perfected improvements and creation of missions. Among them, we will find 7 improved towers followed by a large number of stages and enemies, and their heroes are only 10 characters who will be upgraded 30 times with the completion of 50, to accomplish many things in the game, you will find the game on Google Play for Android phones here.

9- Hearthstone

hearthstone 1

The game of the game, a wonderful game that attracts all age groups, this game comes with a style of cards and magic cards that summon magical creatures from the world for an idea, and it is one of the strategy games for Android that depends on the use of imagination in its own adventures, and the ultimate goal is to collect the largest cards and add them to your group through Win matches, this game by clicking here.

10- Castle Crush

castle crush

This game includes the game in which you build a number of castles to be your property, and to watch your opponents to destroy their own castles, the game contains packages, it also contains a tour of the stages, the beginning of the game with excellent graphics and colors in the design, it is the most wonderful in this aspect, and from On the other hand, on the other hand, it is listed at the top of the list, and to get it by clicking on the word.

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