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  After an unprecedented year of reflection and hope, Time magazine in the United States has recommended readers to its 10 newly released books for the start of the new year 2021. It deals primarily with the idea of ​​"the search for identity." From the new Corona virus

1) The Prophet

Robert Jones Jr.'s first novel is about the cascading effect of a love affair between two young men enslaved on a farm in Mississippi. The Messenger focuses on the unlucky relationship between the two men, but the scope is broader. Particular attention is paid to society and the women who have shaped their lives.

Iraqi Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, London, UK, October 22, 2020.

2) The Beautiful Struggle: A Memoir (For Young People)

The author, Tanishi Coates, republished the 2008 autobiographical novel, but in the youth version, she explains the family unit and strives to connect with the difficulties of growing up, especially with the father, and she makes it clear. Through his narrative he examines. The depth of their relationship, and the novel, is a bitter look at how the author has become today.

3) Vesper sand house

The story of writer Barrick O'Donnell is set in London, the capital of England, in the late nineteenth century and deals with a very mysterious and exciting atmosphere that begins with the finding of the body of a seamstress emerging from the window. And found strange words sewn on her skin.

The Queen's apparent suicide is linked to a larger web of death and disappearance in the city, and young inspectors and journalists solve the mystery to uncover the dark secrets connecting these strange incidents, and I've decided to do so.

4) Aftershock: A Memoir

In her haunting first memoir, writer Nadia Osso captures her precarious sense of belonging and identity as she looks back at the unity and upbringing of a torn family.

5) Launch the transition, darling

Author, Tori Peters, presents a daring investigation of sex, parenting, and love through the story of Reese, a transgender woman living in New York City. Ames ... A woman named Amy has to come back to life with Reese even if she loses her romance. Ames learns that her friend Katrina is pregnant with her child. It's called Reese, who desperately needs to be a mother to grow. The child is with me. It is a triple attempt to understand their role in their non-traditional families.

6) Concrete rose

The author, Angie Thomas' novel, tells the story of Maverick Carter, a student who decides to work for drug smuggling organization King Road to help his family while his father is in prison.

7) remote control

Writer Ned Okorafor uses her intense imaginative vision to uncover the crossroads of sex, power, and control in the latest novels. Her heroine, the adopted daughter of the Angel of Death, gains supernatural abilities after discovering a strange green plant as a child, allowing her to be killed in the blink of an eye herself. .

After that tragedy, Sankova embarks on a journey in search of answers to find out exactly who she is and where her superpower came from while traveling through technologically advanced Ghana. you will do.

8) Please tell me what I mean

Author Joan Didon compiled 12 journal articles in her new book, published between 1968 and 2000.

9) The American Child: A Shadow History of Mothers, Children, and Adoption

In her novel, Gabrine Glazer reveals how the practices of the adoption industry have led to countless stories of mothers losing contact with their children through heroine Margaret Earl. .. 16 years. Parents put her in a maternity home. After her birth, a social worker threatened to give up her parental rights. Gabriel has been desperately trying to find his son for decades, but adoption agencies haven't. She shared with her the details of his identity and new life.

10) Like Me: Memoirs

If you're a fan of the biography, actress Cecily Tyson has released her personal memoir, winning a list of prestigious awards, including three Emmys, a Tony, an Oscar, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. ..

In his long-awaited memoir, Tyson looks back at the industry's leading decades, tracing the tumultuous relationship between his childhood classes and jazz musician Miles Davis, and behind the scenes of his first film and television series.

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