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Remove background Eraser from photos, download the latest version

  This app helps to remove background from any of your image and keep transparent PNG with just few clicks. 

install for iphone

Download for Android

You just need to touch the place you want to remove. The target function removes the same color area automatically. 

The image that a person keeps with a transparent background can be used with other applications

Example) the keyword. papers, etc. 

# Exclude tools - crop images (zoom in to work with a pixel level with good resolution)

___ # Erase/Restore: Erase/Restore the area you touched

___ # Auto Target Removal Tool (Area/Color): Remove similar color area automatically

___ # Flip Tool: Flip the removed area

# Crop - Relax your photos with 15 different preset features quickly and easily. 

# Effect setting - 9 adjustment tools (smoothness, brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, highlights, shadows, temperature, vignette)

** "Smooth" - the edge of the image is smooth

# Add photo background - remove and change photo background

# Full resolution - specify the size of the resulting image (HC 3264 x 3264 pixels, 1600 x 1600 pixels, LC 800 x 600 pixels)

# define a PNG/JPEG file - specify the size of the resulting image (PNG_ transparent background, JPEG_ white background)

# Share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Mail and other apps

Background Delete is an app to crop photos and create a background image with transparency. 

◇ The resulting images will be used as stamps with other apps like Photo Collage. 

◇ Background delete app to easily remove background from your photo. 

☆☆☆ 【Main Features】 ☆☆☆ - Manual deletion: to remove the background (Traditional)

- Delete Lasso: For background delete area, select the background

- Auto delete: Delete similar pixels automatically. 

- Retriever: to recover the finger, rubbed the background

Cancel, Zoom in again: For accurate result

Save and Share: Save to SD card and share to social networks

- You can add text to your photo

- You can add stickers (emojis) to your photo

☆☆☆ 【How to use this app】 ☆☆☆ + Click "Library" to select an image + Select the desired ratio of the images such as 2: 3 and 16: 0+ With the delete menu, you can do whatever you want + You can add a new wallpaper or add Text or stickers to create a beautiful new photo

☆ It is very important to make the background of the image completely transparent. 

With this app you can do it better. Best tool to remove backgrounds from photos. Try it now!! Share your awesome photos on Instagram