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Lumii PhotoWizard Photo Editor Download Latest Version

  Powerful photo editor to edit your photos on iPhone/iPod. Play with your photos and make photo editing fun. 

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Apply filters selectively either to the entire image or using advanced image masking tools. Hide part of the photo with magic touch. Apply any filter to the unmasked area from our wide range of filter options. Apply multiple filters to create custom effects. For example, you can easily create paint spots, gradient, offset tilt, etc. by combining mask and filter. 

● Hide the photo with magic touch, paint, brush, shape, free line or gradient. 

● More than 100 filters and special effects. 

Unlimited undo/turn (swipe left/right on home screen)

● Adjust the filters according to your needs. 

● Combine different filters/masks to create a unique effect. 

● Crop, straighten, rotate and rotate with a touch. 

● View and save metadata such as geolocation, EXIF, IPTC, etc. 

● Edit geographical location. 

● Overlay the image or the entire image with 18 different blending modes. 

● Add text to your photo in any color, font, size and angle. 

Reproduction with flexible brush and vertical and horizontal reflection. 

● Reduce red-eye in your photos. 

● Mix color gradients with your photo. 

● Save the session automatically. 

● Repeat the last session in a split second. 

● Intuitive user interface design. 

● High resolution export. 

● 15 video tutorials. 

● FAQ. 

In the filter series, you can find all the necessary filters such as exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpness, restore shadows/highlights, add highlights, blur mask, Gaussian blur, radial blur, motion blur, color scale and automatic manual histogram. , curves, HDR, white balance, auto contrast, auto color, color temperature, noise reduction, ink, soft focus, sepia, channel mixer, etc. 

In Effects, you can find many adjustable effects in many genres like photography, distortion, art, etc. 

Lome. A powerful professional photo editing app that values ​​lightness and functionality more than anything else. 

With a few simple touches, you can create high-quality artwork without the need for professional skills. 

The app provides you with all the advanced tools, preset and amazing photo filters and effects for photo editing and enhancing. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, Lomi is your best choice among many similar photo editing applications. 

What you can do with Lumii (a free and powerful photo editor):

Customize photo filters and photo effects - Photo filters and stylized photo effects make your photos stand out and take them to a new level. 

✦ Add exclusive custom photo filters, creativity knows no bounds. 

Add unique custom photo effects, such as glitch, flicker, lighting, and double exposure. 

Adjustment Fine adjustment of the intensity of the image filter. 

Best Photo Editor Change the background according to your needs, it's easy to create a photo id with AI clip. 

עיצוב Image Design Software - Easy to fix or delete cropped image with background eraser. 

✦30+ Lumii-equipped templates, no design course required. 

✦ Use a ready-made template to create Instagram photos and stories. 

HSL Color Mode Easy control of color, saturation, and brightness (HSL), eight color channel support, and a professional RAW photo editor. 

Completely free and advanced changes to HSL. 

Curves for Photos Powerful curves tools for professional photo editing. 

Advanced version with 4 color options. 

Free photo editor with curves and colors. 

Disable the function to easily correct the adjustment. 

Basic editing tools ✦ Adjust brightness, contrast, accents, temperature, shadows, sharpness, exposure, etc. 

✦ Selective photo enhancement options, the best photo editor. 

Powerful control over all image properties. 

Easy to use editing tools for Android. Ultimate Pro Photo Editor. 

Rotate and crop the image Crop the image freely (in any aspect ratio). 

Crop the photo to match the proportions on social media. 

Rotate the image to get angle, width, image, etc. perfect. 

Rotate and crop photos at the speed you want. 

Photo library history Import photos from your gallery based on albums. 

Supports recording image editing. 

Get to know Quick recognition of edited photos in your gallery. 

With all the powerful and premium features mentioned above, Lomi helps you to become an expert in photo editing and experience endless fun during this period.