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  Facetune2, by Ligriicks, is an easy-to-use photo editor that helps you forgive your bones that works like your personal reflector studio. Get natural beauty looks in seconds and share it with your followers. 

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Upgrade Next Generation Editor Next Generation brings a new set of trailer filters and amazing photo features. Get ready to gain new followers and get more love with your pics!

🔥🔥🧚 \\\ U200D♀️ Upgrade your social game with advanced optimization in Facetune2 now! 🦄🔥🔥. 

Powerful Selfie tools Edit your bones Choose from dozens of free filters Blur your background and touch up your features with stunning photos Retreat yourself and use live glowing filters to upgrade any photo in a modern look comparison tool before and after comparison Get flawless results with professional looking photos - Edit a selfie in real time after you take it

Amazing collection tools and photo repair tools Wide range of high quality beauty filters for your unique editing and sense of style Use makeup makeup brushes to recombine your features Use reshape to re-set or adjust your photos to cut and adjust your photos for a beautiful look Enjoy amazing editing tools like colorful effects Use the details to highlight the required features. Brighten your eyes and make them shine

✨ REMOVE ZITS, Pimples, and Blemishes - Get rid of pimples, pimples and blemishes in seconds - Just a few taps, our advanced tools will remove skin, blemishes or pimples and shed your skin

💁 \\\ U200D ♀️ SMOOTH YOUR SKIN - Use your Bremey to clean your skin for the smoothest, Sharpen and sharpen any part of your skin to make it look natural in every photo - Shine remover on oily skin

FaceTune2, the Selfie Boosting App, is getting all the glitter 100% ready to make everyone stop scrolling. Increase your social game and share your bones.