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I am a calligrapher professional (excellent and wonderful fonts) download the latest version

  Professionally design the most beautiful Arabic calligraphy panels to match the designs of the most famous calligraphers.

install for iphone

Download for Android

 Ana Pro font application contains a set of Arabic fonts with unique capabilities that distinguish them from other electronic fonts. Calligraphy Pro is the free version of the CalliPro app with similar features, but some of you need to see ads to use it. 

The application has the following advantages:

- 21 scenarios, including Nashash, Tot, Percy, Waseem Kubik. 

- Multiple options for shapes and letters in certain fonts, such as highlighting or removing points. 

The ability to move extracts of words and make them interlaced to form complex formations. 

A distinctive set of different movements and configurations make the design more professional. 

Option to change font size. 

Undo and Redo - Endless color options for fonts and backgrounds with the ability to make the background transparent. 

- Save the design as an image to use it with other applications. 

Save the design as PDF. Very subtle - the ability to share the design on Facebook. 

- Designing paintings of various sizes and names. 

Save designs and retrieve them at any time. 

Possibility to combine more than one design. 

The ability to group messages together. 

Circular feature for ergonomics. 

- Add an image to the background. 

- network. 

Ability to rotate text. 

The ability to rotate the text horizontally and vertically. 

Export and import from another device. 

- Various configurations of text characters will be - Ability to cut text according to distances and maintain the connection of word letters (this feature is useful in case of movements with text) - Ability to save preset sizes for designs - Option to select text color transparency - Select application interface language (Arabic or English)) - Ability to enter multi-line text - Ability to specify text size, alignment and line spacing when entering text - Added ability to lock

As a professional in calligraphy, you will have a great time to show your skills in designing amazing graphics for Arabic calligraphy. A professional font produced by the leading company, Diwan Software, by issuing Arabic fonts for the computer.