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  We present to you  the 10 best books for 2022  in  the Emad Store  and the Golden Plus Store  , through which  iPhone  and Android applications and games   and technical topics are continuously presented.

orchid book

Winter Wedderburn led a quiet life with his female relatives and housemaids, but he often felt sorry for himself; for his life was monotonous and devoid of any excitement; He was a lonely man in his fifties, with no hobby, other than admiring orchids, the only hobby of his life, spending most of his time growing orchids in a greenhouse. Wedderburn had a strange premonition that something was going to happen to him that would turn his life upside down, but he never expected that one day the strange lizard he had bought would make him so excited; The thrill of putting your life in grave danger.

Book: Don't tell a man everything

Lots of books talk about relationships, recovery, and the power of women, but the difference here is that I'm outspoken, outspoken, and bold.
I will tell you all the secrets that you did not know about men and six relationships, teach you how to treat a man correctly and how to win him over without making the mistakes you made before. six years.

The thirty rules of education book

This is an essential educational guide for every father and mother with children, and an essential educational guide for every teacher responsible for raising children.
What is the importance of choosing the right name for a child? What are the disadvantages compared to others? What are the disadvantages of comparing children? Why do some children lose confidence? Why do some children take a negative pessimistic attitude? What is the use of dialogue? What are the (non-exclusive) effects of over-bringing on a child? What is the importance of keeping children's secrets? How do we define responsibilities for children? What is the harm of discrimination against children of the same family? The other answers are helpful in raising children properly.

The book of my scattered thoughts

Scattered minds by Rashid Hubail pdf In a world full of hate, we must find hope. In a world full of anger, we must seek rest and comfort. In a world full of despair, we must find that dream. In a world full of doubts and mistrust, we must find faith in things.

The lost book

I can say that The Loser novel is a story of friends separated by war and an attempt to reunite them after a quarter of a century, but it is not. People who talk about the novel in this way will not be able to read it properly.
In fact, no one can criticize this novel or speak ill of it! So how can it not be, and does not give the reader an opportunity to touch these gaps, what he seeks in his criticism. Pure, pure, absolutely amazing pain.

Awaken your hidden powers book

Awaken your hidden power, Anthony Robbins. It provides a program that walks you through step-by-step and gives you key lessons to help you take control of your life. It enables you to discover your true purpose in life and teaches you how to take control of your life, and thus control all the forces that influence the course of your life. It's a deep and powerful tool in Anthony Robbins' arsenal that allows him to get inside himself.

crime and punishment book

A novel by Russian writer Dostoevsky, first published in 1866, about crime, its motives, the fate of its perpetrators, and its impact on society. and outside the community. The novel has been turned into a movie.

Searching for meaning book

Frankl presents in this book the experience that led to his discovery of meaning therapy. As a veteran prisoner of horrific concentration camps, he finds himself stripped naked in his existence. His parents, his brother and his wife died in camps or were sent to the gas furnace, meaning that all his family except his sister perished in these camps. And all he owned has been lost, all value destroyed to suffer hunger, cold, and cruelty, and the expectation of annihilation at every hour—that man how does he find in life what makes him worthy of survival? This psychiatrist who has personally encountered these abnormal circumstances is a psychiatrist worth listening to.

The four winds book 

Perfect for book lovers, this heartbreaking novel by Kristen Hannah follows Elsa and her family as they travel west in search of a better life. Amid hardships and challenges, Elsa's critical choices shape the lives of those around her for generations to come.

The cochlear book

Mustafa Khalifa's novel "The Crust: Diaries of a Voyeur" is considered one of the most famous Arabic novels, as it clearly shows the life of a prisoner between boredom and misery. This appeared in the 2012 book Dar Al-Adab, which tells the story of an oppressed young man who finds himself accused without knowing the reason during his arrest at the airport, and then spends his time in that state, 12 years distracted and in a coma.

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