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  We offer you  the best games for the year 2022  in  the Emad Store  and the Golden Plus Store  , through which  iPhone  and Android applications and games   and technical topics are continuously presented.

Hyper Front . game

Hyper Front is a first-person shooter where you get into a fantastic environment full of enemies that you have to try to defeat. In the 5v5 game mode, you will organize other players to try to eliminate each enemy. As a result, you will be able to unlock dozens of weapons and special skills to strengthen yourself.
Hyper Front has powerful 3D graphics built with the UE4 engine to immerse you in the action. The camera's neutral viewing angle will add to the realism, which means you can move freely around every area on the map. Once you choose your character characteristics, you will be matched with other team members. Then the main objective will be to be brave and careful to discover every part of the map in order to find your enemies.
The controls are normal for these types of games. The virtual joystick lets you move in any direction, and there are action buttons on the right that let you touch to fire weapons with any available skill. At the same time, you can see technical information about your GPS or the status of your fighter in combat at the top of the screen.

FIFA Mobile

  •  FIFA 2022 for Android is very small
  •  FIFA 22 for Android without internet, play anytime anywhere
  •  Updated with the latest transfers, staff and players for 2022 in FIFA 22 for Android
  •  The first FIFA 22 game for Android features beautiful graphics, especially the revamped face
  •  You can enjoy FIFA 22 for Android through the console, that is, you can enjoy the game as you do on PC
  •  Also in FIFA 22 for Android, the entire UEFA Champions League, and what's happening in 2022
  •  Finally, Career Mode or Career Mode is fully updated when you download FIFA 22 for Android
  • The graphics of the game are very powerful and suitable for 2022

Marvel Future Revolution

  • Fully realistic 3D graphics style built with Unreal Engine. Complete movie scenes and smooth battles!
  • Explore a huge and immersive open world. Enjoy different interactions with other heroes in the online multiplayer arena! Play with others in the fully authentic Marvel universe!
  • Embark on epic battles as a Marvel superhero. Enjoy a captivating gaming experience with endless stories and missions! Join Omega Flight on a mission to save Earth's core from the danger of fusion!
  • Enjoy real-time combat on the ground and in the air like a real superhero! Over hundreds of skill combinations are perfectly rendered to match each Marvel hero's fighting style.
  • Endless high quality like never before in any Marvel IP game. Mix and match different costume parts, inspired by decades of Marvel comics and movies, and exclusive original themes! Create your own superhero with your own unique combination!
  • Enjoy playing the amazing RPG style

PUBG New State

  • HD graphics
  • It can be installed on Android phones.
  • Interactive and attractive game
  • The presence of different weapons and the possibility to customize them
  • Other important and practical aspects.
  • The game is free and includes a 1300 MB installation file.
  • The first step is to download and install the APK installer file first.
  • During the first round of the initial game, approximately 200-300MB of data in various formats was downloaded.

Alpha Ace . game

Alpha Ace is a new shooting game, exclusively on the Play Store, that works on mobile phones and is only available in the Russian country. You can't download it from Google Play, but I will give you the Alpha ace apk file.
You can now command super interactive battles in Ultimate Showdown, bringing your senses to life as you put your skills to the ultimate test. Alpha Ace has the game mode that every FPS lover wants, playing with guns.

Mimicry Online game

  • The game is 100% free for Android phones and iPhone
  • The game is very lightweight and works on all phones.
  • The game does not require a mobile storage space.
  • Games do not consume battery.
  • The horror levels in the game are real.
  • You can play with your friends online and chat with them in the game.
  • Face a lot of fearsome monsters to take control of the house.
  • The game is exciting for youngsters, especially as it is similar to PUBG Mobile.
  • You can get new and more powerful weapons to kill monsters faster.
  • Increase your chances of life by recovering and facing more monsters.
  • The ability to control your character and how they look within the game.
  • The presence of a large number of maps and game modes.
  • Each map differs in terms of the types of monsters and types of weapons available.
  • Finish the game as a monster.

Combat Master

  • This game collects a large number of maps and cities that can be selected before starting the game.
  • The game uses the quick match feature which allows you to download quickly.
  • This game can be played alone without an internet connection.
  • All players in the game are restricted as it does not rely on automatic shooting or quick targets.
  • It has a large number of simple controls to facilitate the operation process and its position can be changed according to the wishes of each player.
  • Any in-game specification can be modified to match the quality of the device it is being played on.
  • The game has a parkour action that increases the motivation of the players.
  • This game is available for download on Android and iPhone devices.
  • The game contains a lot of interesting guns.
  • It can work for a long time without preheating the device.
  • No ads, no paying users.
  • It features vertical, melee and staggered gameplay.

Grand Criminal Online game

  • GTA V type game with high quality graphics.
  • You can play online with friends and their addons.
  • You can use the in-game microphone button to talk to people.
  • This is a great and very fun game.
  • You can form several gangs to play together.
  • Lots of features to discover on your own.

Beach Buggy Racing 2

Beach Buggy Racing 2 is a 3D racing game where you race from point to point on colorful coastal tracks full of traps and other surprises along the way. A sequel to the original ATV racing, this game will come back to you with more suspense and excitement.
Beach Buggy Racing 2's control system is perfect for a smartphone's touch screen. Your vehicle accelerates automatically, and all you have to do is control its direction by tilting your smartphone or tapping on the side of the screen. The way you drive the trailer depends largely on your driving style, but you have to hold on tight at every turn.

Disc Drivin' 2

  •  Intuitive swipe to move the disc around the track
  •  Take part in multiplayer battles around the world
  •  More than 15 unique tracks with different challenging levels
  •  Single player Speedrun, Pass and Play Mode
  •  Collect cards to unlock crazy new discs, upgrade abilities and gain disc abilities
  •  Many unique powers such as turbines, missiles, autopilots and bombs
  •  Animated new dangers such as lasers, spikes and force fields
  •  Customize your ringtones and play as pizza, cake, monster truck tires and more
  •  Full 3D physics
  • Four exhilarating environments.

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