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Features of the Twitter application Twitter for iPhone and Android 2022

  We present to you  the features of the Twitter application for iPhone and Android 2022  in  the Emad Store  and the Golden Plus Store  , through which  applications and games for  iPhone  and Android  and technical topics are continuously presented.

About Twitter 

Newsletter sites are essential today, these sites are one of the favorite sites of many people and perhaps the most influential among all types of newsletter sites due to the short tweets sent and the large number of users. The reason, so this Twitter Android app is used to influence public opinion and present an idea to the world within few hours through hashtags, it is also used heavily for commercial and advertising purposes with good results.

Twitter Features 

  • The app is 100% free on the Google Play Store and App Store.
  • The ability to create multiple Twitter accounts at the same time.
  • You can easily switch between accounts with the ability to save passwords automatically.
  • Unlike Facebook, the possibility to create an account without real data.
  • Follow and interact with a large number of accounts at the same time.
  • Chat and text with anyone you follow.
  • New to Twitter is a space for voice chatting with followers, like the popular Clubhouse app.
  • Earn money by creating paid accounts by posting new content to your followers and get paid monthly subscriptions.
  • Monetize by creating paid chat spaces and tickets for your followers.
  • Voice tweets use your voice to post posts.
  • The ability to change the account name at any time.
  • Control who can reply to your tweets.
  • The ability to block anyone or mute an account to hide their tweets from being blocked.
  • Account protection feature so that your account content is not visible to anyone who does not follow you only to followers and you will receive any new follow notifications for approval.

Twitter disadvantages 

  1. Tweets are limited: You're restricted to Twitter because you type in some specific words or characters in your Tweets that you don't go beyond, no matter what. .
  2. The presence of ads: the application is not without this annoying flaw, which allows the publication of various ads on the user's account, which greatly annoys the user.
  3.  Photos and videos are not suitable: the site is designed for useful conversation, a little is enough, and it makes no difference to add photos and videos to your tweets. Significantly.

Download Twitter 


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