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Features of the Telegram application for iPhone and Android 2022

  We present to you  the features of the Telegram application for iPhone and Android 2022  in  the Emad Store  and the Golden Plus Store  , through which  applications and games for  iPhone  and Android  and technical topics are continuously presented.

Information about telegram 

Telegram is a mobile application that first appeared as a quick chat program in 2013, designed by the Durov brothers as a mobile application that enables users to chat and share images and audio files freely and easily like any modern mobile user regardless of the type of system It can be downloaded on his mobile phone for Android and IOS devices and Windows Phone, Windows NT, Mac OS, and Linux.
Using Telegram for iPhone and Android, you can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world through the available Internet, and you can create chat groups for a large number of users, and create channels that enable you to spread information or news to a large number of users is very easy, and also provides you The ability to synchronize messages and conversations between all devices registered with the same number, and it can be downloaded to mobile phones and laptops and easily view messages between them.

Telegram Features 

  • Because it has the ability to complete calls with any party you add to your contacts with the highest possible accuracy.
  • And the ability to receive and send various stickers, whether static or animated, is able to express more of your ideas.
  • As a function to find the desired message using instant search technology using specific words.
  • And the ability to add usernames to simplify the process for third parties to contact you when searching for you.
  • Because it supports 12 languages, most notably: Arabic, Spanish, Malay and Korean
  • It also has the ability to create your own channel directly and provides the ability to invite all parties in your call log to the channel where you can create a channel to provide educational explanations or advertise any service or product through it.
  • When you create a channel on Telegram, you will be able to send various messages to all of its members.
  • It also offers a secret messaging function, which has a double advantage over traditional messaging because even the programming person can't reach you.

Disadvantages of telegram 

  • No app is complete in terms of functionality and usage, there are pros and cons as in some apps, if someone in your contact list already has an account, they will always get a notification about opening a Telegram account.

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