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Top 10 car racing games for Android and iPhone

   Hello dear friends, in this topic we present to you the 10 best car racing games for Android and iPhone

Racing Master

Racing Master is a driving game developed by NetEase and Codemasters. It promises you a really exciting experience while you are behind the wheel of several vehicles. In short, this game has licensed cars from more than a hundred famous brands, such as Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin and Lamborghini.
In Racing Master, you will find a large garage where you can choose cars for a ride. Different vehicles present you with a variety of possibilities and this means that you can take these racing cars to the extreme. The game also includes several racing tracks and designs that will test your ability to take turns without losing control of your car.
Another noteworthy feature of Racing Master is that you can play against your friends in multiplayer racetracks. You can compete in different competitions where you will race against time to get the best timing in each of your courses. This way, you can collect trophies while decorating your cars using the items you get along the way. This game has a very simple control system, and it only takes a few rounds to start shredding in your racing cars.
Racing Master is a game that guarantees a very realistic gaming experience. Thanks to the graphics of Unreal Engine 4, you can enjoy amazing cars and landscapes. Prove that there is no one else to compete with you in the field, as you gather your lineup and test the most demanding racetracks. Without a doubt, this driving game for Android includes all the necessary features to give you an awe-filled experience while you get behind the wheel of an amazing drive.

Crazy For Speed ​​2

If you like adrenaline-pumping driving and racing games like Asphalt 8: Airborne, you can find plenty of other exciting games to play on your Android smartphone like Crazy for Speed ​​2.
The gameplay in Crazy for Speed ​​2 is very intuitive. You can choose between steering your car by tilting your smartphone or tapping the action buttons on the screen, and focus on the road ahead. From the main menu, you can choose which city you are racing in as well as the car you are driving. It is noteworthy that you can customize your car in the garage.
Your goal in Crazy for Speed ​​2 is to cross the finish line in the first place by beating all your opponents. Thanks to the carefully designed 3D graphics, you will be immersed in the action when you play. You can also use the turbo to increase the speed and pass all your opponents one by one.
Crazy for Speed ​​2 is an exciting game that will have you enjoying racing as you put the pedal to the ground. Get behind the wheel and beat all your opponents on dangerous tracks as you race towards the finish line before the rest.

Ace Racer . game

  • New awesome high graphics like cyberpunk graphics
  • New and unique racing mode of amazing flying, spinning, jumping and stunts
  • Epic races with amazing and beautiful circuits in modern style
  • A list of many cars from the world's finest brands, cars with high-resolution technology and modern and amazing designs
  • Interactive sounds and effects at the highest level
  • Multiplayer with friends from all over the world or with your friends around you
  • The game does not support English yet, but it does support Chinese

Rebel Racing

  • Rebel Racing allows all game users to play a multi-stage race.
  • This game has many cars that you can choose a number of them to play with or buy another number.
  • There are many types of cars within the race that you can choose a car from to play with, there are fast and powerful cars that will enable you to win in all stages.
  • Rebel Racing Android or iPhone user can play the game all the time.
  • This game requires high spec phones because of the great game capabilities.
  • The game due to its HD graphics makes everyone feel that they are at every stage in a real race.

Forza Street

Get behind the wheel of epic cars and race through the streets of cities all over the world in Forza Street. This 3D racing game has an exciting story mode full of unique characters.
Forza Street's controls are perfectly adapted to touch screen devices: just use your right thumb to depress the accelerator and your left thumb to activate the turbo. In this game, you just let go of the gas as you turn a corner, and you can press it again as you leave. turns. Of course, the turbo should only be used on the long, straight sections of the racetrack.
But one of the best features of Forza Street is the great story mode, which has hundreds of exciting races and plenty of racers to compete against. In the story mode, you can meet new characters, unlock many cars, and become a famous street racer. Not only that, but you can tune your cars to improve their performance or customize their appearance in the garage.
Forza Street is an amazing 3D racing game with controls that work well on touch devices and great graphics. On top of that, there are a huge number of cars to unlock, collect and race!

Table Top Racing: World Tour

  •  Split screen mode for both online and offline players (two compatible controllers required)
  •  8 players online multiplayer combat races
  •  9 unique game modes scattered throughout the tournament. Fight, Drift, Time Trial, Hot Cycle, Chase, Eliminator, Pure, Checkpoint and Overtake.
  •  32 backgammon tracks in 8 themed locations (4 tracks per location)
  •  16 awesome and fully upgradeable miniature racing cars based on some of the most famous cars in the world!
  •  Play over 25 hours! Unless you're really good...
  •  8 cunning force weapons designed to attack and slow opponents or protect yourself. Most of them can be used defensively as well.
  •  6 unique weapon wheels help you outpace your rivals and find challenging gold coins!
  •  39 Google Play achievements and 9 leaderboards - including the most requested feature from the first game score table 'Drift'!
  •  The exclusive funky soundtrack produced by Producer Wes Smith from Juice Recordings

GRID Autosport

  • GRID Autosport is about teams, competitors and racing in the intense new world of professional motorsport.
  • You must beat the main rivals and satisfy the team sponsors in fierce races where every pass and position counts.
  • In the game it is possible to change tires and race at night in endurance events and open-wheeled cars with precision.
  • Provide different types of cars like touring cars, GT endurance cars, ultra modified cars, drift cars and many more.
  • GRID Autosport features over 100 tracks across 22 stunning locations and the most modern and classic high-performance racing cars.
  • The player can fulfill the dream of a professional racing driver, join the teams and earn sponsor rewards, beat your rivals and race with a teammate.
  • RACENET MULTIPLAYER INTEGRATION: Join friends to form Racing Clubs and race under your team's colors against other clubs in the community.

Traffic Tour Classic

  • Through this game, you can invite several of your friends to participate in the game to ensure more fun and entertainment while playing.
  • This game has many missions that you have to complete so that you can rise to higher levels and also get many experience points and money in the game.
  • It contains up to 100 missions, ranging from easy to difficult.
  • This game provides you with multiple angles that you can use to see the race from many sides so that you can dominate the racetrack and win the landslide.
  • Since there are 4 angles from which you can select the one that works best for you.
  • You can upgrade your car in this game and buy various add-ons that improve its performance, such as buying wheels, changing brakes and other upgrades that can be done on it.

Real Racing Next

Surprisingly, EA announced its new game Real Racing Next, a new part of the strong series that EA has been missing for more than 8 years, the latest version was Real Racing 3 launched in 2013 on the phone and the game received updates from time to time . .
Real Racing Next is a futuristic mobile car game that comes with the best graphics and gameplay, the game will also be online and you can play it with your friends as well. The quality of this game is shown by the images published by EA in the Google Play Store and frankly the game is expected to attract a lot of players and it will be the number one car racing game for the phone.
EA has officially revealed the technical specifications that you will need to run the game on your phone, and they are as follows: it should have 2 GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 830 + or an Exynos 8895 + or better processor, or a processor with the same performance. It must also have Android 6.0 and above. Above, for iPhone, the required specifications are not mentioned as the game is in beta version only for Android phones.

Horizon Chase - World Tour

  • Great car game to compete on the racetrack.
  • Lots of competing cars on the way.
  • Control the movement of the car in more than one possible way.
  • Supports car control by gaming hands.
  • Several stages in different places on the map.

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