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The best and most powerful 10 modern games without the Internet for iPhone and Android

  Hello, dear friends, in this topic we offer you the best and most powerful 10 modern games without the Internet for iPhone and Android

game world of warships

World of Warships Blitz is a mobile adaptation of the highly successful MMO game of Wargaming, by the creators of the well-known World of Tanks. But in this case, war machines are giving way to huge ships in multiple naval skirmishes.
Take part in small battles of up to 5 against 5 players in closed environments where you can defeat the opposing team. Control your ship, manually shoot towards the targets with the camera and watch proper ship operation. Your other task is to fix it quickly in case it suffers any major damage.
In the short term, this experience is similar to what we usually see in large-scale multiplayer games for Android, that is, you have to engage daily in clashes and perform a series of periodic missions that provide you with resources to improve your ship and make purchases. In addition to cooperative battles, you can participate in random battles alone or in teams, as well as take part in a solo campaign against the background of historical naval combat.

call of duty mobile game

Call of Duty: Mobile is the first installment of the "Call of Duty" saga that attempts to bring the PC and gaming experience to Android smartphones. In other words, just like Modern Warfare or Black Ops, this is a multiplayer FPS game in every sense of the word.
The controls in Call of Duty: Mobile are fully adapted to touchscreen devices. Use your left thumb to control your character's movements and your right to aim. If you double-click on the right side of the screen, you'll be using the scope's orbit. Like in many other Android games, your weapon will fire automatically.
Call of Duty: Mobile has two main game modes: "Zombie" and "Multiplayer". Both are popular modes in the franchise and challenge you to take on other players online, along with teaming up with them in order to destroy the zombies. Nuketown, Hijacked or Killhouse are the most famous maps that we can play in.
Call of Duty: Mobile is a great game that provides you a multiplayer FPS experience for Android. The game also includes exceptional graphics, an array of maps and weapons, and the charisma that has become so popular in the Call of Duty franchise.

Beach Buggy Racing 2

  • 3D racing game with excellent and beautiful graphics.
  • Racecourses vary in appearance in many different places.
  • Control the movement of the car on the track in two different ways.
  • Dozens of car skins that can be purchased or unlocked.
  • Daily events and seasonal events to play and win.
  • Unlock more character skins by challenging them to a race.
  • Many power abilities that can be collected and upgraded.

Asphalt 9 game

Asphalt 9: Legends is a 3D driving game where you can drive your car at full speed on roads all over the world.
The gameplay of Asphalt 9: Legends is perfectly adapted to smartphones. On the left side of the screen, you will find a button that will help you do drifts. While on the right side you will find the turbo button. You can turn left or right simply by swiping your finger.
Asphalt 9: Legends not only contains different leagues and game modes, but also offers you a multiplayer mode in which you can prove that you are the best driver in the world. Whatever you choose, the single story mode offers you over 800 courses around the world, ready and waiting for you.
In terms of graphics, Asphalt 9: Legends is an amazing game, just like the rest of the games in this saga. On high-resolution devices, you'll find that the quality of forms and text is as good as what you'd find in games and PCs.
Asphalt 9: Legends is an amazing driving game that has boosted gaming in this saga, especially with successive releases that has proven to be the best driving game on Android devices.


Fortnite Battle Royale is a game where you will find yourself looking at live multiplayer battles, in which 100 players engage in horrific battles for survival, until only one player remains on the battlefield. And this time the credit goes to this version of Fortnite Battle Royale; for Android devices; It belongs to Epic Games Studios. The development team has kept all the original scenes as well as the original gameplay, maintaining the quality and aesthetics of the game.


PUBG, also known as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, one of the most popular game names of the last decade, just got a new name on Steam.
Publisher Krafton made the change in July. There appears to be some logic behind the decision. The game is now called PUBG: Battlegrounds, which technically makes it a PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Battlegrounds.
The publisher said, "Crafton is actively working to expand the brand through a variety of new experiences in its world.
"Changing the name is the first step in achieving this vision," he added. The additional games in the franchise are called PUBG, as you can see in our next game in the series, PUBG: New State. It is a mobile game set in the year 2051.
Callisto Protocol, a horror game from the developers of Dead Space, is also associated with the franchise. But it has not been named PUBG yet.

Free Fire game 

  • The game has high quality graphics.
  • The game has a large map as well as many places.
  • It contains distinctive sounds and effects.
  • The size of Free Fire is small compared to all Battle Royale games, which are always larger than 1 GB.
  • The game only allows 50 players at a time, which makes it easier to play for all the game lovers
  • The game can be played on only 1 GB space or less, as well as 1 new RAM, so it is the best for all Android phones.
  • The game does not need a large processor or large capabilities to run it, as it works on most Android phones of the middle classes, unlike the game PUBG Mobile.

 Mortal Kombat X game

  • The game is free and easy.
  • One of the best fighting games full of action and blood.
  • Supports all Android phones and tablets.
  • It features distinctive graphics and high quality HD graphics.
  • Lots of Mortal Kombat characters are waiting for you!
  • It has several modes to play offline (or online multiplayer with other players).
  • You can create your own team of ninja warriors, each with unique skills..
  • You can modify the fighters, increase their strength and raise the level of their fighting..

Sniper 3d assassin game

  • It contains many different levels that give the player the fun and excitement that will continue with him all the time.
  • The game works to protect people from theft, or a certain explosion, which requires the sniper to work to carry out missions with accuracy and creativity.
  • It is characterized by containing a lot of different rewards that give the player gold and jewels when he completes the task he is doing.
  • It has a market to buy modern weapons and fast fire snipers which gives the best hit in the place determined by the sniper.
  • The game is downloaded and played on mobile phones, due to its great role in working on Android, iOS or Windows Phone operating systems.
  • Its small size does not affect the mobile while playing on it, as it comes with an area of ​​95 MB.
  • It is distinguished by its excellent graphics and luminous brightness, which gives the game an attractive and wonderful look.
  • It comes with distinctive sound effects that make the in-game sounds pure and wonderful to help give a distinctive sound in front of the player while playing on it.
  • It has a huge encyclopedia of devastating weapons that you can find in this game.
  • It contains hundreds of levels and missions that make the player live in the world of adventure and excitement.
  • One of its best features is that it does not require the operator to be connected to the Internet.
  • It is characterized by providing the slow motion feature in the last shot that the player hits on the target, which makes the level of fun rise dramatically, and the player's sense of enthusiasm while playing within this unique game.
  • It comes with a 3D resolution that gives the image high definition and great quality while playing on it.
  • Enjoy getting highly detailed graphics while playing on it.
  • Some of the scenarios include kidnappings, bomb fears, as well as defeating terrorists.
  • If it is used on the Internet, it uses a limited amount of data.
  • It is considered one of the best games that gamers prefer in terms of cost.

Boxing Star

  • The game is free, and players do not cost to pay any money to download or play.
  • Strong and fierce competition with players in different countries of the world, the game is not only limited to competition between friends or the artificial device, but also allows communication with players around the world, for more excitement and fun.
  • Suitable for all players, old or even young, to enjoy the game.
  • The graphics and 3D graphics in the display of boxing matches appear close to realism.
  • Develop technical skills and the ability to challenge and win matches.

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