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The Holy Quran Program for iPhone and Android - the latest information and downloads

 Hello, dear people, in this topic we offer you the Holy Quran program for iPhone and Android - the latest information and download

Information about the Holy Quran program for iPhone and Android

This application is considered one of the easiest applications in terms of handling. The main, easy and distinctive interface made everyone able to download and use it without facing any problem. The program provides you with the ability to recite the Noble Qur’an with movements above the letters, translations have been placed and all interpretations have been added such as the interpretation of Sayyid Qutb and shades of the Qur’an. And others. You can determine the place you have reached in reading while providing a comprehensive index categorized in terms of surahs, parts, or page number. It provides you with a very great feature, which is the ability to search for a verse or part of it. In short, it is a comprehensive program that saves you any effort.
The importance of this program is summarized by the ease of downloading it and providing all the conveniences for the user, an electronic Quran with interpretation and downloading the surahs to listen to when needed, in addition to facilitating the learning and reading of the Qur’an. For non-Arab Muslims through the set of features that it provides to them, such as translation into many languages ​​such as English, French, and others, the Holy Qur’an without the net is free of viruses and harmful files and therefore it is safe and does not pose any danger to your device.

Features of the Holy Quran Program for iPhone and Android

  • The Holy Quran program "Golden Qur'an" has a distinctive and very elegant interface.
  • The app is free to download and doesn't require a lot of extra and multi fees and money.
  • The application supports many languages ​​spread around the world such as Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Greek and many other languages, which helped in the rapid spread of this program.
  • This request was approved by the Qur’an Committee of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif in Egypt, under the supervision of a committee of senior scholars and specialists, and a specialized scientific committee, and it is licensed for the ten readings.
  • The program contains distinctive and wonderful sound effects and a sweet, distinctive and beautiful sound without any distortion.
  • The Golden Quran program for mobile is very fast, with high quality and efficiency.
  • Through the program, you can listen to the Noble Qur’an with Sheikh Al-Habib without having to connect to the Internet.
  • Through the program, you can download the recitations you want, and there is no need to download all the recitations.
  • The application is one of the wonderful applications with a distinctive and wonderful design and has many wonderful decorations and distinctive and high-quality Islamic frames.
  • The application is written in the Ottoman version according to the narration of Hafs from Asim.
  • The program contains a distinctive and powerful search engine through which you can search for any sentence, paragraph or word easily and quickly.
  • The program contains the ability to copy and paste the verse anywhere with the same orthography and the same formation, and it is possible to delete the formation.
  • Through the program, you can share the Quranic verse through many different social networking sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram.
  • The program has a special bar called the command bar that contains many services so that you can quickly access any service you want.
  • Through the program, you can hear the Noble Qur’an in the background of your device while working and while the device is turned off as well.
  • The program is downloaded through the direct link to the program or through Google Play or the App Store.
  • The program is distinguished by a distinctive feature, which is the presence of a wonderful index of many surahs of the Noble Qur’an, such as the Qur’an.
  • The application features the feature of repeating the verse in order to memorize the Noble Qur’an easily and quickly, or you can repeat the surah several times to memorize it as well.
  • The program has an important feature, which is night reading, where the user can read the Noble Qur’an with a black background and a white font so that you can read the Noble Qur’an easily and with high efficiency.
  • You can put a comma when reading the Holy Qur'an and return to the page again.
  • Through the program you can include many important notes while reading.
  • Through the program, you can display the Holy Qur’an vertically so that you can easily read the Qur’an.
  • The program contains many books of the meanings of words, interpretations, translations and phrases found on the page of the Noble Qur’an.
  • Through the program, you can listen to the Noble Qur’an while traveling, driving, or moving from one place to another.
  • The company that developed the program has received many awards and honors.

Disadvantages and disadvantages of the Holy Quran program for iPhone and Android

One of the drawbacks that annoys many when using the Holy Quran Maktoob application is that when it is connected to the Internet, many annoying ads appear, which may alienate its users.

Links to download the Holy Quran program for iPhone and Android


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