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iPhone 13 Pro Mix 2021 specifications


iPhone 13 Pro Mix 2021 specifications

 iPhone 13 Pro Mix specifications

  • iPhone 13 pro Max touch comes with many features.
  • The new iPhone has a smaller camera size this time around.
  •  New technology has been added to the pink iPhone 13 Pro Max sensor, the lidar.
  • This is in addition to the new iPhone support for all networks from the second generation 2G to the fifth generation 5G.
  • The phone was launched in the market with its support for the fast chip thanks to the A15 BIONIC technology.
  • Upgrade and improve the scanner in the new iPhone to 6.1 and add SUPER RETINA OLID technology to it.
  • The iPhone also has a sapphire glass screen that is very strong, anti-scratch and shockproof.
  • The iPhone sensor has been improved and upgraded to 120Hz at a higher rate than before.
  • Optimizing the phone's camera in video shooting to reach 8K technology.
  • The iPhone 13 pro Max was launched closer to the previous version of the iPhone.
  • The new iPhone is also available in dimensions of 87.1 width, 160.8 length and 7.5mm depth.
  • The new iPhone also has a larger screen that takes up 87.4 of the phone's total space.
  • The new iPhone has also improved the display with SUPER RETINA OLED technology.
  • The display in the pink iPhone 13 Pro Max has been developed and improved using IB technology.
  • The phone comes with a screen dimensions of 2532 * 1170 with a consistency per point of dimensions of 19.5.9.

iPhone 13 Pro Mix colors

  • The first color of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is pink for the first time on the market.
  • The phone was also launched in the royal color that you always wanted, which is black.
  • This is in addition to the very attractive color, which is dark blue.
  • The new iPhone 13 Pro Max will also be launched in Night Green.
  • The new iPhone also comes in the fifth color that is always preferred to buy which is red.
  • These five colors are next to the sixth color, which is golden.
  • Avon made sure to offer six colors to allow its customers to choose the desired color for the consumer.

iPhone 13 Pro Mix Features

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max pink screen upgrade using OLIOPHOBIC technology.
  • The new iPhone was introduced with new technologies for the first time for the phone, namely DOLBY VISION, WIDE COLOR GAMUT.
  • Inside the sensor, the new iPhone also has proximity, compass, barometer, and accelerometer features.
  • A great feature for recognizing the face of the new iPhone user has also been developed which is the FACE ID feature.
  • The iPhone comes with an improved graphics processor, its ability to access a hexa-core rate, and GPU technology.
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max pink STERIO audio feature has been improved and upgraded.
  • The new iPhone also supports NFC in all its new versions.
  • The new iPhone also has a great feature which is the noise canceling feature.
  • In addition, the new phone has a dust resistance feature in the air.
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with a water resistance of up to 6 meters for half an hour continuously.

iPhone 13 Pro Mix Storage Space

  1. The new iPhone 13 Pro Max was launched with a space of 512 GB with 6 GB of RAM.
  2. The new iPhone comes with a second space, which is 256 GB, with 6 GB of RAM.
  3. Apple has also been keen to launch a third iPhone with 128 GB of RAM and 6 GB of RAM

iPhone 13 Pro Mix price

The price of the iPhone 13 Pro Max at the global price is 1055 USD.
Also, the price of the new phone specified in Saudi Arabia is 5500 Saudi riyals.
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