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Top 10 production apps for Android 2021


FilmoraGo Android App-Features and Download

 It is a comprehensive video editing application that allows you to create amazing collages from any clips stored on your device's memory. Of course, you can also add images to your creative project.

FilmoraGo's main strength is its ease of use. On both sides of the screen you will find all the tools you may need. Such as setting transition periods from one clip to another, including accompanying music, adding sound effects, and much more. In the middle of the screen, you'll be able to preview your project beforehand, and at the bottom of the screen you'll find the timeline controls.

Download FilmoraGo for Android

Adobe Premiere Clip for Android - Features and Downloads

  • Adobe premiere clip APK is easy to use and the user can easily create the video using number of images on the phone memory with adding effects that make the video look better.
  • Adobe Premiere Clip for Android allows you to choose the audio through the phone, with the ability to use the smart audio tool and its function to coordinate the volume between clips, and the auto-mix tool and its function is to balance the audio track of the clip and the volume.
  • The program contains a large number of effects, including adding lighting or colors to the video to make it special, with the ability to enlarge the minute details in the images.
  • After you finish creating the video, you can keep it on your phone or share it on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter easily.
  • Adobe premiere clip APK is characterized by its small size and does not require much storage space on the phone to get it.
  • Adobe premiere clip APK features the ability to write on images or on videos the way you want.
  • The ability to easily add the images you want to the video by dragging them from the phone and inserting them into Adobe Premiere Clip APK for Android.

Power Director Android App - Features and Download

  • Our app is completely free, no loss behind, not a penny.
  • PowerDirector supports all Android devices of all versions.
  • Supports Arabic and all other world languages.
  • Its small size does not harm the memory of your mobile device, its size is 55 MB.
  • You can create the video at any speed you want, even in slow motion, even if your device does not support slow motion video playback.
  • It uses various professional tools to create and edit videos and add effects to the video files you create.
  • Add your own personal voice to the videos you are editing.
  • You can rotate, merge and flip the videos if you want all of that, or split the videos as well.
  • You can cut the video or shoot half of the screen and delete the other half.
  • You can choose the video quality you want between 1080P-360, that is, depending on the basis of the material you took it with.
  • You can download the videos you produce to Facebook or other social networks
  • The application provides the ability to mix more than one video, that is, merging a group of videos into one video thanks to its many tools that help you in the process of dragging
  • And drop it and also add videos to the interface, and if you want to add an audio clip to the video you're producing, you can do that, or vice versa, cut some audio clips from the video.
  • This hacked powerdirector offers a lot of transition effects and they are only found in PowerDirector and not found in other similar applications.
  • The latest update made us perform all the functions of this app with its user friendly black interface, so that the user can switch between these functions using
  • It offers a lot of keyboard shortcuts thanks to which we make various adjustments smoothly
  • Added important thing is to put cool phrases for clips across the font you want after changing its size, color and even controlling its reposition
  • Finally, you can put your own logo to retain ownership of the video for you.

Magisto Android App-Features and Download

  • Magisto Video Editor features professional video production.
  • Ability to edit videos at any time.
  • Ease of dealing with the application without complexity.
  • It is available on the Google Play Store which is known among millions of users.
  • It is available for free without the need to pay any fees or money.
  • It contains many different filters and effects.
  • The ability to share videos on social networking sites between friends.
  • It has a facial recognition feature to identify the important people in the video.
  • Add your favorite music and songs to the video.
  • It has various variations of editing methods to get an impressive video

KineMaster Android App Features and Download

  • Support for various video and audio formats that can be added on the program panel.
  • Audio control has been added with the ability to record sounds while working.
  • Layers feature that allows you to combine clips in more professional ways.
  • The app lets you cut unwanted parts of the video in cool ways.
  • Supports writing on clips with beautiful fonts with control of font color and clarity.
  • It allows you to speed up or slow down the video to enjoy slow motion.
  • It comes with chroma green screen integration including live preview.
  • An elegant and easy-to-use graphic interface for amateurs and professionals alike.
  • It offers a lot of different effects that you can easily add to clips.

Video Show Android App - Features and Downloads

  • The app has more than 50 integrated themes to produce a unique and professional video for free.
  • The app is equipped with many different text styles, shapes and colors to help you write on videos in a professional way.
  • Thousands of free sound effects for you and also you can add local sounds from your device.
  • Compress the video to reduce its size.
  • The toolbox has a lot of extras (Theme - Effects - Stickers - Sound Effects - Music) and they are constantly updated by the developer.
  • Compilation of an album of modified and distinguished photos within a video clip.
  • The application is available in a small size.

Movie Maker Android App - Features & Downloads

  • The application has an elegant interface that has won the admiration of millions of users around the world.
  • You can add images, music, audio and more through the movie and output it in the format you want, as it supports all popular formats.
  • The application has been very popular among people and has become one of the most used applications around the world, and we bring you the free version of Movie Maker at your fingertips.
  • It is available in the Google Play Store and works on all specifications of Android devices and does not require experience in order to take advantage of the capabilities of the application.

VivaVideo Android App-Features and Download

  • The opportunity to create a “Picture within a Picture” to appear with art similar to collage art.
  • The application includes the capabilities of obtaining songs from the recorded songs to display them within the slides.
  • VivaVideo includes nine special lenses to test the best laughter position.
  • It includes a selfie camera, the best selfies can be taken with certain lenses that are more natural.
  • VivaVideo includes many options including Basic / Selfie / FX / Funny / Music Video / Collage.
  • Vivavideo is enhanced with a complete music library with background music ready for easy integration.
  • The app includes video features including over 200 special effects, including animations, dubbing, transitions, fonts, filters, and subtitles.
  • There are many themes to choose from when shooting a video via the app, including birthdays, animals, travel mode, and love and rage. 

Vlogit Android App-Features and Download

Vlogit Video Editor for iPhone creates intros for all the videos you want to create. You can get more of these videos at your will from the excellent design you make through these excellent videos. You need a word to access all these videos to be one of the hottest videos. The cool you get from here directly you can add more different emojis you want and add them among all these videos that are used every time to access these tools for all the emojis and stickers available in front of you to have the freedom of choice to choose what you want to do with all the videos your own.

Video Editor App for Android-Features and Download

  • Use the video and photos with your mobile phone gallery and create the most beautiful videos and movies from it.
  • You can cut and arrange your videos.
  • You can make the video a great story that will make all the improvements in the program and show it to your family and friends.
  • Add effects to videos or make your presentation an amazing slideshow with beautiful effects during presentation and you can choose your own style.
  • You can add titles to the video or write comments.
  • You can add music and audio files to your videos to add a sense of realism to them.
  • You can save the video as an HD video.
  • After you finish your work, you can save the video in your mobile phone's video gallery.
  • You can share the video with friends on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

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