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Top 10 montage Videos Apps for iPhone 2021

iMove App for iPhone - Features and Download

  • The program supports the operation of work in several languages ​​other than Arabic and English.
  • The ability to add and merge a video clip between the original video.
  • The ability to cut and delete parts of the video or reuse them.
  • The program contains more than 50 sound effects that can be controlled to make a video montage.
  • The program allows recording audio clips while making a video.
  • The video screen can be written in different fonts and colors.
  • The program has a simple and flexible interface to use by touch
  • The program allows adding images to videos and adding effects to them.
  • - The program contains filters and filters to output the video in the highest known quality (HD).
  • The program allows the user to add music to the video from inside the iPhone or record it from outside the device while making the video.
  • The program allows the user to send the video to his computer.
  • The program allows sharing the video on social networking sites on the Internet, and it can also be uploaded directly to the popular YouTube for videos.
  • The program has a feature to control the speed of video clips.
  • The new features added in the latest update is the ability to search for people in videos and photos using the faces feature.

inShot App for iPhone-Features and Download

  • It allows you to edit and design videos in the highest quality possible.
  • The size of the program is small and works on weak phones.
  • You can merge different videos together to get a complete video.
  • It has a lot of artistic effects and plugins that you can use to get a complete video of your design.
  • Supports Arabic, English and many popular languages ​​around the world.
  • It allows you to convert video formats and reduce their size to make it easier to share with friends.

Splice - Video Editor & Maker App for iPhone - Features and Downloads

  • The application allows you to import files stored in other services such as Facebook or Dropbox.
  • Lets you choose an audio clip or add a track from your iTunes library. It has a wide range of tunes neatly arranged in 13 genres (including pop, rock and country). In the following, you can change the background and transition color, image duration, and more.
  • Contains effects to update or add tone. You can then save the video to your device or share it via social media.

Filmmaker Pro app: for iPhone-Features and Download

  • The program is easy to use and has a simple interface
  • The program enables you to produce the best professional videos
  • The program enables you to enter different effects
  • The program contains many great and professional tools
  • The program enables you to enter different sounds for images
  • The program is available for free

Magisto App for iPhone - Features and Downloads

  • The 2021 Magisto app is very effective when used for business presentation and promotion, and helps you with your digital marketing business.
  • Powered by artificial intelligence, Magisto Video Editor helps you create marketing videos and product videos with unprecedented efficiency.
  • With Magisto, you can upload photos and videos and give simple directions and the app will identify the best parts of your videos and photos, add your chosen music and effects and link them to create professional videos.
  • The app allows you to use ready-made video templates designed by the Magisto team as ready-to-use videos, which you can share as is or customize and edit with your own content.
  • You can add different photos and videos from your phone gallery, add music, and create amazing music videos in a jiffy
  • The app is equipped with a Magisto App camera that can do a great job of capturing unforgettable moments.
  • The app offers a large collection of songs and music that you can add to your videos.
  • You can also add themes, but the app will automatically design your videos according to the selected theme.
  • Face recognition, video filters and effects, and smooth transitions give your videos a professional touch that no other app can do.
  • You can share your videos directly on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, email, YouTube and WhatsApp.
  • Apart from the features mentioned above, there are plenty of additional features that Magisto offers for Premium and Business subscribers.

Videorama app for iPhone-Features and Download

  •  Edit, edit and cut all kinds of photos and videos professionally.
  •  Add your still images to video files, add featured backgrounds and color them with your favorite colors.
  •  You can edit and create large size videos with unlimited duration.
  •  Many filters, special effects and beautiful fonts have been added.
  •  Add music, audio clips, and text to photos or videos.
  •  All fonts, filters and wallpapers app tools are preloaded on the app,

Quik - GoPro Video Editor App for iPhone - Features and Download

  • It includes many powerful features to view and edit snapshots and time lapse editing.
  • Highlights help speed up the search for the best moments.
  • Handy tools for simple video editing and for creating and sharing short clips.
  • It comes with GoPro Studio for more advanced settings.
  • The GoPro camera updates you with the latest features for even more exceptional performance.

VivaVideo App for iPhone - Features and Download

  •  Support multiple camera capture mode options, such as fun, normal shooting modes, or special modes for shooting music scenes
  •  Amazing seven lens camera
  •  prank lenses for shooting
  • Cut videos for sites like Instagram, etc
  •  The easiest app to combine your photos and turn them into a cool movie and you can also view photos as slides.
  •  Merge multiple videos into one
  •  Edit your videos by adding text, filters, stickers, etc.
  •  More than 200 additional special effects such as animated stickers, backgrounds and texts.
  •  The ability to cut the clips you like from any video clip
  •  The ability to export clips to the gallery at any time.
  •  The ability to easily export your edited videos to Facebook, WhatsApp, email, etc.

KineMaster app for iPhone - features and download

  • You can download Kinemaster++ for iPhone, which is unlocked for free.
  • Add many effects and stickers.
  • The ability to reverse the video to make a unique video.
  • You can control the video display speed.
  • Kinemaster has a free resource store, stickers, effects, and backgrounds for easy video editing.
  • kinemaster for iphone has no watermark.
  • Ability to share the resulting video via social networking sites such as Facebook and Dropbox.

Animoto Social Video Editor App for iPhone - Features and Download

The best video design software without watermark provides the user with high-quality capabilities of professional, first-class video design, as it includes the following advantages:
  • The ability to use it to make intros for YouTube videos.
  • Giving the user 50 different styles to be able to create the most beautiful designs that attract viewers.
  • Share the video on YouTube and other sites from within the program as soon as it is finished.

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