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Additional video editing applications

  Best video editing app for iPhone. You may want to edit a video on your iPhone. Whether it's a video taken with your phone's camera or another video in your phone's memory, this article will show you the best videos. Editing software for iPhone. This allows you to perform professional video editing as if you were working with a computer. The change we can make is to trim these videos and add effects. You can also transcribe your video with different types of fonts and many other types. On the other hand, the importance of these applications lies in the fact that you do not have to transfer the video to your computer to edit the video and create a montage to your liking on iPhone. Essential, fully professional and free.

Best video editing app for iPhone:

1- iMovie is a free video editing app for iPhone.

Edit video on iPhone to add effects

iMovie is one of the most powerful video editing software on iPhone and iOS devices as it has as many professional video editing tools as if you were dealing with editing software on your computer. This app was created by Apple, the iPhone manufacturer, so it's an official and trusted app, and there are versions that work on macOS devices. This software allows you to split large videos and split them into smaller videos. This feature is important if you want to get a large portion of the video excluding the rest. You can also use this app to remove unwanted parts from the movie. This is an important feature if you have a video that contains scenes that you don't want to see. With this app, you can write on video on phone and add emoji anywhere in the video. Some of the features of this app are the ability to add effects and filters to your video to provide a unique set of filters that will give your video an aesthetic look. You can also speed up or slow down the video as needed. You can also discover more by trying the app. Finally, you can download the app for free from this link.

2- Quik Video Editing App for iPhone:

Quik is a professional video editing app for iPhone

It is one of the most powerful video editing apps for iPhone. This application was created and developed by the well-known company GoPro and is a favorite application of large groups of iPhone and iOS users, as well as users of Android mobile phones. This app offers professional video editing tools not found in other competing apps, such as the ability to turn a batch of photos into a video production. This means that you can create videos from your photos over the phone. We also found that Quik allows you to add effects to your video and change the color of the video in general. One of the unique features of this app is that you can place and insert audio files from your mobile phone into the video you want to edit. This allows it to act as background audio in the video during playback. The application can be downloaded from this page.

3-Sprice Video Editing App for iPhone:

Video editing app for iPhone

This app is also created by GoPro and it is rated as one of the best video editing apps for iPhone because it is easy to use unlike other video editing apps. You will find that this application has many advantages, and among the most prominent of these features you can cut the video and merge it with the video to modify one or more images. With this application, you can control the color, font size, quality, and where it appears on the video screen to write your video. You can also add audio to your video. This means that you can combine audio and video clips. Put a sticker anywhere in the video to remind him that you can control the speed of the transition in terms of speed and speed. You can download the application for free from this link.

4- Cameo Video Editing Application:

Best video editing app for iPhone

This app is a professional video editing software for iPhone, so if you love working with Ultra HD videos, this app is perfect because you can handle 4K video in a professional way. Save the video after editing in 4K quality. With this app, you can manipulate the colors of your video and adjust saturation, contrast, and brightness as you did in previous apps. You can also add clips to your video. The app includes the ability to cut and split the video, and you can even burn it to the video. You can find it at this link to download the application.

5- FilmoraGo App:

Edit videos professionally on iPhone

I personally tried this app on my mobile phone and I think it is one of the easiest video editing software for iPhone and Android. This application has a smooth and easy design, which makes it very easy to work with. This software ranks as one of the most powerful video editing software for mobile phones whether it works on iOS or Android phones, especially those who are interested in video editing and uploading video content on social networks, and it is very popular among some people. This app allows you to add action screen images, audio clips and short videos within the app. All this can be added in a multi-layer system, just like in a professional video editor. Then you will be able to: Apply effects to your video and add transitions. FilmoraGo has a very important feature: the ability to record audio from within the app itself. You can use this feature to place a video inside your app and record audio according to its content. Videos, and thus these features, can be used to easily provide educational illustrations and explanations. The application can be downloaded from the e . website