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The Arab designer for editing and writing on photos, download the latest version


Source: Arab designer

The application of the Arab designer, writing on pictures, the latest update, is a free Arabic application designed specifically for editing images for Android and iPhone, its users have been evaluated as the best program for editing images and writing on them, it contains many features in terms of distinctive filters where you can control images through them and write texts Expressive on your photos, in addition to the ability to create collages, and there are many other features that I will help you to get acquainted with through this article and how to download and install Arabic designer how to use it also step by step.

How to download and install the Arabic designer

To download the Arabic designer program to write on images, click on the download button at the end of the article to get the free application for iPhone and Android, then open the application to start using it now, we will learn together how to use the Arab designer to edit and write images on it.

How can you use Arabic Designer

The destination of the Arab Designer application is divided into four sections, which are as follows

  • New work: This section allows you to start creating a new editing project by modifying images.
  • Saved Projects: This section is for saving and working on images you've modified.
  • Usage Explanation: In this section, the app lets you know how to use Arabic Designer APK.
  • Instagram section: In this section, you can link the app to its Instagram account.

And you can now start working on the Arabic writing designer by choosing the feature of creating a new work, which enables you to choose photos from your phone’s studio to edit or the ability to take exclusive photos with your phone’s camera to start making edits to them. You can also choose a background for the image, change the colors and the degree of lighting, write on the images easily, cut and modify the images, enlarge or reduce them, and after you have finished modifying the image as you want, press the check mark in the right corner at the top of the application screen in order to save the image.

Features of the Arab Designer Program for Android and iPhone

  1. One of the main advantages of downloading Arabic Designer APK is that it is completely free, so you can download it without paying any money.
  2. Through the application, you can get high-resolution images.
  3. Using the Arabic designer app, you can edit any image without any conditions or restrictions.
  4. You can easily control the dimensions of the images to suit your desire.
  5. The Arabic designer application is a very simple and easy design that you can handle without any difficulties.
  6. You can write texts on your photos in any language you want, whether it is Arabic, English, and others.
  7. Arab Photo Designer APK app has the option to rotate photos; So that the image appears in front of the user as he wants.
  8. The app has tools dedicated to moving forward or reversing the steps you've taken so you can undo any step you've taken.
  9. In the professional Arabic designer there are many beautiful phrases that you can put on your photos.
  10. The app has a large number of different stickers and emojis that you can add to your photos.
  11.  Arabic Designer APK supports all Android operating systems, as well as iOS operating systems.

Disadvantages of the application of the professional Arab designer

  1. The developers are not interested in the app.
  2. The inability to save the draft within the application, and thus the inability to edit projects.
  3. Exporting images and saving them after editing is done reduces their quality somewhat.
  4. There are no new fonts inside the app.
  5. The video editing and writing feature is not available within the app, as in the Inshot app.

New additions in the update of the Arab designer application

  • Addition: The feature to surround the text with another color of your choice.
  • Addition: Gradient feature for texts and shapes available within the application.
  • Addition: Make it easier to control objects and text box specifically.
  • Fix: App crash issue.
  • FIX: Problem opening images within the app.
  • Fix: Huawei phones similar fonts issue مشكلة
  • Fix: The app has stopped working on tablets and some devices.

Download the Arab Designer app for iPhone and Android

install for iphone

Download for Android