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Source: B612

Explain and download the B612 application as photography is an important component of our lives. Who among us does not document the moments of his life by photographing, whether through a phone camera or a professional camera, but with the technological progress in our contemporary lives, phones have high capabilities that may reach the degree of professional camera for photographers, so smart phones are one of the most important elements of photography.

You will not take to the streets with an advanced camera, but phones are easy to carry with us, so you can easily shoot with the phone, but at that time you are facing a problem, which is that photography does not come out professionally, and this is either because you are using the default camera application that does not give any value for photos.

It is considered one of the worst applications in photography, but there is a solution, which is to use one of the photography applications with excellent filters, which supports professional photography, and among these applications is B612, which is one of the best applications in this field. It is one of the leading applications among photography applications.

It has over 100 million downloads on the Play Store and has millions of users around the world due to its unique Snapchat-like filters and stickers and other features like image quality and the ability to edit the shape from the edges of images.

The dimensions of the image can also be modified as you like, and in this article we will try to explain the application in detail and include all aspects and additions, and we will discuss all the advantages and disadvantages in detail in order to ensure the best result for the visitor from this article.

B612 app is not just an app to add filters to photos, it's a dedicated app to get the best photo through your camera, and this app is very easy to use. What is the feature of advanced multi-filters and this application gives the opportunity to be a beginner photographer, it also provides the feature of shooting video with audio in the video, most of the applications do not support this feature

In the app, you can share all your photos to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or your Instagram for your friends and family to see. This application is from a well-known company in the field of Android applications, a company with a name and a long history in this field called SNOW, Inc, and this application is available on many systems such as Android and iPhone.

Application add-ons

This app contains premium extra features that bring photos to life again, and this app is very popular for selfie lovers who are more than photos taken with the back camera.

This application is not the only one in this type of application, there are hundreds, even thousands of applications, but what distinguishes this application from others is that it contains hundreds of photo filters that give an artistic touch to the photos as if they were taken with a professional camera, for example.

In the application filters, you can control the extent of its focus to reduce it as you want, and the size of the image can be controlled in terms of the size of the edges, there are stickers such as Snapchat Stickers and there is a beauty mode for beauty, it supports turning on the flash in shooting and creating a countdown time until the photo is shot after seconds. Choose them.

Music mode: a feature that allows you to shoot a video with a song at the same time, and this feature you will only find in a few programs, and you can choose an Arabic or English song or choose a song from your phone the same that you downloaded previously.

BoomeRang: This feature is also on Instagram, it works as a video, but in a different way, as it shoots 3 seconds in which you do whatever you want, and then the video is produced backwards and forwards, but without the look. The same feature can be used in the Instagram app, as it is in it.

B612 Application Features

  1. The application is completely free, so you do not need to pay any fees to purchase the application, although there are applications with the same features, but in a paid model, and you must know that the application has paid filters, and you need to pay money in order to get these filters.
  2. The interface of the application is very easy and does not need any complexity, it has an easy and simple interface that does not need any complexity.
  3. Save photo automatically This feature enables you to save photos automatically as soon as you take them or choose to save them manually as you like. You can also choose to share the image directly afterwards with friends or family's social networking sites.
  4. Mute feature: in the app you can mute the sensor sound to take pictures with the camera, this setting blocks the sound completely so that no one pays attention to you, and you will need to adjust it when you take more than one picture because the sensor takes a second time, for example in making this sound and then Image display when sound is muted You guarantee maximum shooting speed and display of other images.
  5. Distinctive and multiple filters: It is one of the most popular add-ons that has won the admiration of many users and has reached millions of users, as the number of downloads for this application has reached more than 100 million downloads, which indicates the wide and great popularity of the application.
  6. Beauty mode: This mode is for beautifying the facial skin, gives a lighter skin tone, gives life to the whole photo, removes any grain on your face, removes any darkening in the photo, which was done due to lack of lighting, for example.
  7. Video shooting: In the application, you can shoot a video with its filters without any problems, and this feature you will not find in many applications. Indeed, this feature was not present in the last update of the application, but was added in the last update.
  8. Collage: It is to create a group of photos in one photo, which is a very powerful feature that gives photos a better look.
  9. It supports Arabic and English, which is a very powerful feature. Language-supported applications a.

B612 application disadvantages 

  1. The image is not saved directly unless you activate it from the settings. Otherwise, it will not activate.
  2. It is not possible to delete any photo taken at the same time, so there is no button for that, but you have to wait for the photo to be saved in your phone and then go to B612 gallery and then choose the photo from then delete it.
  3. There is no auto focus or ISO feature to apply, which gives more light in photography.
  4. The short videos are somewhat not of perfect quality because they are very poor compared to other competitors

How to use the B612 app 

The way to use the application is very easy to use, all you have to do is open the application and then choose one of the filters within the application and decide whether you want to choose the stickers or not? There is also the beauty mode, which is a very important mode, which brings the photos to life again, improves the colors even more and gives clarity in the face, as it completely removes pimples from the skin and gives a strong color saturation, but in a smart way.

Application settings:

  • In the application there is an option for image quality, it is preferable to choose a high resolution, which gives the maximum image quality.
  • Mirror mode, which is the position of the woman that reflects the image after taking it, and this position is not pleasant in photography because it reflects the image and makes it unnatural.
  • You can choose to set the watermark or not by activating or deactivating the B612, as for activating the watermark.
  • You can choose whether you want to receive notifications from the app or not, by activating the notifications option, to show you notifications with the latest notifications, whether they are new filters in the application or new stickers.
  • The two options are not important, the first is to rate the app, and the second is to share the app with your friends on social media, and there are many sharing options available.

Download the app for iPhone and Android

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