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Review and explanation of the Jodel application

 It is one of the widely used mobile applications, a social media that is used by many young people and allows users to publish address matching with identification mask and senders visible to many other users. Geographical edge of kilometers. 

Post or photo with a comment and every post can be positively rated and commented positively and commented by other users, and the app is similar to the IAC YAC app, which was discontinued in May. 2017 and the program is linked. Locals Provides users with a live social summary of local and local events and stories, pronunciation of Jodel or Yodel, as well as "Inodel" or "FIR"

Yudelfer plan benefits Yudel plan a lot of fun in the community and reveal the user. It all happens in the city while you live, in what messages and photos can be posted to all users and the user can point out places and contact people who share the same concerns. 

The history of the software was first published in October 2014 in Germany's Alsio Burgmir and April 2015 by a claim of more than 100,000 users, and in October of that year, it was used by more than a million. Users and Company in Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland may be able to locate the User and see messages from other Users within ten kilometres. 

Explain how to use Yudletam to easily download software on Android and iPhone by assuming that. The software does not require personal data or personal contact when the geographical location where the user is recognized and the user is offered to publish geo-personalities. 

The advertisement can easily be added by clicking Plus (+) and if an image attached to the image is selected and click submit. 

The terms used in the Yodlovy program are presented in some of the terms that appear when a comment appears on posts here for people within 1 km or “very close” to people 2 km close to 10 km. 

For a part of its waters, such as Word Iodiles, that is, text content, image or short video, and more positive evaluation of publications, so the number of karma points and OJ conditions are used when publishing is used. 

User dialogue method or posts can be deleted by selecting the advertisement to be deleted and click “.” until the option to delete appears or prevent messages and experiments. 

jodel plus for iPhone jodel plus