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Review and explanation of the WhatsApp application

 1. Download and run the app: You can download and download Messenger for free from Google Play Store or App Store. To open the app, tap on the Watsab icon on your home screen. 

2. Review the Terms of Service: Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and press "Agree" and "Continue" to accept the terms. 

3. Registration: Select your country from the drop-down list to add the country code, and enter your phone number in the international format. Tap on this or next and tap OK to get the 6-digit registration code via SMS or phone call. Enter the 6-digit code to complete the registration. Learn how to register your phone number on Android, iPhone, or Kaios devices. 

4. Set up your profile: In your new profile, type your name and click Next. You can also add a picture to your profile. 

5. Allow access to contacts and photos: Contacts can be added to Watsab by your phone's address book. You can also allow access to the photos, videos, and files on your phone. 

6. Start chatting: Tap or, search for a contact to start chatting with them. Type a message in the text box. To send photos or videos, tap or in the text box. Select your camera to take a photo or video and gallery and photo and video library to select a photo or video saved on your phone. Then press or. 

7. Create a group: You can create a group with a subscriber of up to 256 subscribers. pressure or a new combination. Find or select contacts to add to the group, and click Next. Type a name for the group or tap or Create. 

Different ways of communication • Voice messages: If you do not want to write a message, you can send an audio recording. Press and hold or record the message. To keep recording an audio message, raise your fingers to the heart. Learn how to send and play voice messages on Android, iPhone, or Kaios devices. 

• Health calls: Go to the call screen and tap or. You search for the contact you want to call. Press or to start a voice call. Learn how to make voice calls on Android or iPhone. 

• Video calls: Open the call screen and tap or. You search for the contact you want to call. To start a video call, tap or. Learn how to make video calls on Android or iPhone. 

Safety Tips and Useful Features Privacy Features and Oman Supplies An easy way to understand and customize your privacy and secure features. Learn more on the privacy page. 

Validate the information you get to make sure if the messages you get are correct, not all the information you receive is accurate. If you do not know the person who sent the message, we recommend verifying the information with the reliable facts of checking institutions. Learn how to limit the spread of misinformation in this article. 

Recovered articles help prevent misinformation, and we put an end to messages that you can move forward. You can easily find out which messages are recycled because they are great with their recycled tag. When returning a message from a user to add some time, it is indicated by a double arrow. You can learn about the limits of redirection in this article.