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  Google Photos is the go-to place to include all your photos and videos in a convenient format. 

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- The best photography product on Earth - EDGE

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The official Google apps are designed to fit how images are currently perceived and include essential features, such as popular albums, automated innovations, and advanced mirroring. In addition, each Google account offers free storage space of up to 15 GB and you can choose whether to save automatic backups of high-quality or original videos. You can then access it from any device and associated link. Pictures. The Google. com. 

With the official app you will achieve:

Free Storage: Save your backup photos and videos to 15GB of free storage and access from any device and photos. The Google. com, ensuring the security of the image and your privacy. All photos and videos that keep a high-quality backup before June 2021 are not counted in the Google account storage. 

Free up storage space: No more worries about your storage space on your phone. Your securely saved backup photos can be removed from the storage surface on your device with a single click. 

Smart Auto Albums: You can automatically sign in to a new album featuring your favorite tracks from an event or trip, then ask others to add their photos. 

Automatic innovations: Bring your photos to life with automatic creation of movies, collected photos, motion pictures, panoramas and more from your photos. Or you can create your own easily. 

Advanced Adjustment Group: Contain images with one click. You can use simple and effective tools to alter images simultaneously to apply filters according to content, lighting, and more. 

Share offers: Thanks to smart sharing suggestions, your friends will be completed without problems. They can also add their photos and easily get the photos that appear in them. 

Fast and efficient search: You can now search your photos according to the people, places, and things that appear, and there's no need to add any tags. 

Instant Albums: You can choose the people and pets you want to see and Google Photos will automatically take them when collected, and there's no need to make changes manually. 

Photo Books: You can create a photo book within a few minutes from your phone or computer. You can also view photos submitted based on the best photos from one or more of your trips. 

Lens Google: You can search for hard-to-describe photos or videos and perform tasks directly from the photo. You can copy and translate text, choose plants and animals, add events to the calendar, search for products online, and more. 

SEND PHOTOS IN SECONDS: Share instant photos with every contact, email address, or phone number.