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Brawl Stars game for iPhone and Android

 Brawl Stars is a Free Online Battlegrounds game created and published by the makers ofClash of Clans and Clash Royale Supercell. There are many exciting game modes, each with different mechanics, and winning them earns you trophies and boxes. Open chests to earn coins, power-ups, and more to power up your melee. This article will help you master the gameBrawl Stars in no time!

How to play and the most important tips  Brawl Stars game لعبة

·         Fighting in the game

1.      Choose which brave or feisty you want to use. Currently, there are 43 fans who all have unique offensive and defensive tools.

2.      Choose the game mode you will play. There are 7 main game modes, Gem Grab andBrawl Ball andHeist andHot Zone andSiege andBounty and Showdown.

3.      Press the red joystick for Quickfiringto attack nearest discount from you.

4.      Drag the blue joystick to move, you will have a white dot in front of you. This point will help you know which direction you are going تسير.

5.      Use ammo. Ammo appears on the orange lines below your health bar. Once your ammo is gone, wait for it to reload.

6.      Supercharge your. Super is the ability that every brave one possesses. It is a great power that can either protect you or harm other enemies.


·         Get more  brawlers in Brawl Stars

1.      open funds. There are 3 types of chests. The smallest box is the Brawl Box, which contains 1-3 elements. Next is the large chest, which contains 1-4 items. The biggest box is Mega Box, which contains 1-7 elements. In chests you can earn coins, which upgrade your melee

2.      Buy things from the shop. The store is the place to go when you need more items/brawls. You can use gems to buy brawls, skins, chests and coins.

3.      Advance on the way to the cup. Considered Trophy Road A place where you can get many different rewards with winning prizes.

4.      Win battles. The more battles you win, the more chests you can unlock. When you lose battles, the chance decreases and you lose some prizes.


·         Building the difference in Brawl Stars game

1.      Invite your friends to the game by clicking the green "Invite" button to invite them. Make friends with people by going to the suggested friends list and clicking Send Friend Request. Join the clubs by going to the club button and find a club to join!

2.      Ask to join other people's teams. If someone is already on a team, click the green Ask to Join button, and they may let you in. If he doesn't, it will show, "The request to join the team has been denied.

3.      Let people invite you! Some people may invite you to their team. You can click Accept or Decline. The maximum number of people in a team is 3. Unless you are playing a friendly match.