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Application for the iPhone filming with both front and back cameras Revo - Reverse video


Keep in mind: While this app will be installed and running on all iOS 13 supported devices, split screen and PIP mode are only available on iPhone XR or later.

Is characterized by

• Camera mode switching - Smoothly switch between front and back camera while recording a single shot.

• Split screen mode - Recording from both cameras at the same time with two resizable displays.

• PIP Mode - Picture in Picture allows you to record from each camera via a customizable animated window.

• Web Mode - Record yourself while searching the web. Wander the websites, watch videos, play games, report the news.

• Upload mode - Play your videos in the background while you are recording at the top using the front camera.

• Live Broadcasting - Broadcast yourself directly to your favorite apps, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and more.

• Camera controls - including zoom, exposure and focus lock.

• Revo Library - Save, share and watch all your Revo videos via the built-in library.

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