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Quik is a free professional video editor and montage app for iPhone and Android without watermark عل


A quick photo and video editor app developed by Gopro to shorten and edit videos and many more things for you. Instead of transferring photos and videos in the traditional way by manual transfer, the faster application gives you many permissions to perform this task through a few clicks, after capturing or videos through the camera, the program shows you the captured photos or videos, or even if They were phone built in, so all you have to do is work in the necessary adjustments through very simple steps. It should be noted that this is a montage program without watermark for Android or iPhone.

Quik is a video editing and editing app for iPhone and Android:

When you download the app, open it, you can create awesome videos in just a few clicks and without complications. Then quickly leave the rest in seconds, the app finds your best moments. Add excellent transitions and effects and sync everything to the beat of the music. You can customize your story with texts, music, etc. Then easily share it with friends.

Features of Quik App for iPhone and Android:

Add Photos + Video + Add up to 75 photos and videos from Gallery, Albums, Pogo Photos, Dropbox, Goopro Quropro Button. Also works fast with animation. 

+ Would you like to capture your moments? Use the hills to choose the best shots. 

Select the format you want and choose 23 formats, all with a graphic and designer for every opportunity. 

+ Edit font, filters and graphics to suit your style. 

Add your personal videos + Rearrange, trim, rotate photos, videos and titles easily. 

+ Add your own connection to your story using scripts and titles. You can even add photos from the imperial :) + have a quick account of smart stories or use full videos. 

+ Spotted on or off in slow motion mode. 

+ Works quickly automatically when the presence of sounds is detected. 

+ Choose cinema, industry or vertical fashion format for Instagram or Snapchat sharing. 

+ Times times images and titles - quickly tuned stories and transferred automatically. 

Choose the perfect audio track + choose from 100 free songs or use a song from your own collection. Supports fast MP3, M4A, MP4, MOV, AAC, FLAC, AIFF and WAV. 

+ Start the laptop at any time in the song. 

+ Automatically fast synchronization with the rhythm of the music with the rhythm of the music. 

Easily save your work + share a video + watch videos in 1080 or 720p resolution - up to exactly 60 pictures in a second square. 

Share videos on Instagram, Facebook, etc. or send a private quick link by SMS or email. 

+ With GoPro Plus, the videos you select will be saved to your Plus account. (1) + Do you need more adjustable time? Save projects like Commands and Quik pauses for 7 days. 

Videos Made for You + Relive your day with memories 24 hours after the past - ready to see videos of your adventure created up to the last 24 hours.

Link to download Quik Quik for iPhone for free:


Link to download Quik for Android for free:


Explanation of the Quik application for iPhone and Android in the video:

I hope that I have succeeded in presenting you this wonderful application Quik, one of the best free editing and video editing programs and applications for iPhone and Android, and we will meet, God willing, in better upcoming topics. Follow us on YouTube at the King of Explanations Imad Saleh channel.