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How to activate the automatic brightness of the iPhone screen

  If you have updated to a newer version of your iPhone or iPad (iOS 11 - iOS 11), you may have noticed that the option to enable or disable auto-lighting has disappeared from the Display & Brightness page in Settings.

How to activate the automatic brightness of the iPhone screen

How to enable auto brightness on iPhone and iPad

  1.   Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. 
  2.   Go to "Accessibility". 
  3.   Go to Width and Font Size. 
  4.   Select the "Auto brightness" setting and go to the On mode. 
  5.   Finally, exit the settings.


Apple aims to introduce the automatic brightness feature for iPhones. However, manual control works best for some people and is usually their preferred method for matching screen lighting to ambient lighting and making screen lighting more pleasing to the eye. 
  So, if you are one of them and bothered by the iPhone auto screen turning on issue, it is good to extend your iPhone battery life. Avoid excessive light and keep screen brightness as low as possible to keep your eyes comfortable.

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