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Explain how to transfer photos from one iPhone to another iPhone without a computer

 For many people, the photo library is arguably the most valuable piece of data on their iPhone. This is the most worrying point when upgrading to a new iPhone, but fortunately, the iPhone offers several different ways to transfer photos from one image to another. Make your iPhone something else without a computer.

Explain how to transfer photos from one iPhone to another iPhone without a computer

Transfer data from iPhone to iPhone without computer easy way

  1.  How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer? Read this post to learn about 6 ways to transfer photos from iPhone to PC (Windows and Mac). For example: iCloud, Photos, Windows Explorer, etc.
  2. Transferring contacts from iPhone to computer may be familiar to some people. We recommend moving your contacts to your computer for backup for future use
  3. Your current library on your iPhone will not be overwritten during the transfer, only the files will be added to your iPhone. Transfer videos from different computers and iTunes library to iPhone without erasing data
  4. When you upgrade old iPhone to new iPhone or get new iPhone, you need to think about how to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone regardless of the old iPhone model. 6 or iPhone 6s.
  5. Not many people know how to use their iPhones, considering them to be case-only devices and lacking Android device features like the ability to transfer data, photos, and information. Article, learn about this feature
  6. How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. Many iPhone owners want to transfer their phone data and files to other iPhones for various reasons. Some users like to transfer this data as needed when they buy a new iPhone.
  7. If you have bought a new iPhone and want to transfer data from your old iPhone, there are several ways to do so, such as transfer via iTunes (requires a computer). You can also transfer data through your iCloud account (no computer required.

The easiest way to transfer iPhone files to a new iPhone via

  1. Transfer data to your new iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro. Easily copy all the content from your old iPhone or iPad to your new device. Choose the data and apps you want to keep
  2. How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android Without iCloud Versions.
  3. To be able to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android without a computer, you need to do some steps. WhatsApp is one of the most popular chatting apps on the Google Play Store. This is mainly due to system compatibility.
  4. Instructions on how to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to computer without software or using iCloud, iTools 4 or iTunes for Windows or Mac OS cloud storage service.
  5. How to transfer photos and files from iPhone to computer and back: After downloading and installing the program, open the program, connect iPhone to computer and transfer.
  6. How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone without computer. Note: EaseUS MobiMover Free allows you to transfer files from computer to iPad/iPhone without iTunes
  7. Is there a way to extract and restore data from iPhone without backup files? This article will show you two great ways to restore iPhone data without iTunes backup file.

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