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Expected features of the iPhone 14 from Apple 2022

  iPhone 14 specifications Apple has not yet released the iPhone 14, but the launch date of the new iPhone 14 is approaching, and experts expect the 2022 iPhone 14 series to include four new iPhones, so there is some news. 14, mini version is not included. Apple has lower than expected sales and will cancel the small screen version.

iPhone 14 offers major camera upgrades 

Kuo believes that Apple will provide major upgrades or improvements to the cameras of the iPhone 14 or iPhone 2022. This is because Apple is expected to introduce a 48-megapixel main camera for the iPhone 14 phones. However, with the increase in the pixel size of the camera to 2.5 micrometers, we see a much greater improvement From just a 48MP camera instead of 12MP. For iPhone 12, future iPhone 13 and most powerful Android smartphones.

In addition to the 48MP camera that can take 12MP photos, the iPhone 14 is also expected to offer 8K video recording. This is a feature that is now available in many Android phones, such as the Galaxy S21 Ultra. ..
The iPhone 14 will also display 8K video captured by the iPhone on supported monitors and TVs, and with Apple soon releasing composite or augmented reality glasses, analyst Kuo said the iPhone 2022 will be more suitable. He says it will create great videos and photos.

iPhone 14 design

iPhone 14 As for the designs of the iPhone 14 and the next generation of iPhone, the iPhone 13 is expected to be available in a slightly smaller size "notch" this year in 2021, while the iPhone 14 or iPhone 2022 will have a hole inside the screen. front camera. However, only if Apple is a full screen without notches or holes and has a Touch ID fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the screen itself.

The front camera is in a hole inside the screen 

According to a new leak from DylanDKT, the iPhone 14 series includes four versions, including the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, as well as the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, offering only 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screens. The two versions are available on iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max with stronger specifications and at a higher cost, with a design that relies on the presence of a front camera in a hole inside the screen itself, while hiding the Face ID fingerprint technology. had become. At the bottom of the screen, the iPhone 14 and 14 Max retain the same design as the current generation (iPhone 13), with a front camera and face printing technology in the notch above the middle of the screen.

iPhone 14 and 14 Max will not get the new A16 processor

According to a new report by Ming Shi Kuo, famous for accurate news about Apple, Apple will only introduce the new generation of A16 processor with iPhone 14 and 14 Max for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. It is powered by the A15 processor that Apple relies on in the iPhone 13 phones. 

  The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Promax also have faster LPDDR5 RAM, and the iPhone 14/14 Max has more RAM. Note that the 14Pro series also has slower RAM than LPDDR4X.

A better selfie camera in iPhone 14 supports auto focus

The iPhone 14 gives users a better front camera for selfies and FaceTime calls, as a new report by analyst Ming Kuo stated in April 2022 that Apple will provide a front camera (in a hole in the screen) for the iPhone 14. It supports autofocus and comes with a wider lens aperture of F1.9 compared to iPhone 13's F2.2 for a darker shooting and video calling experience. Optimizes and improves image capture.

Features of iOS 16 for iPhone 14

Apple officially announced iOS 16 features at this year's WWDC 2022 Annual Developers Conference. iOS16 is the first new version that iPhone 14 phones will receive, as it comes with all new generation phones. Before it was immediately available as an iPhone update. Others are supported.

iOS 16 features include major changes. In particular, screen locks require new OS updates to unlock the screen without the user having to fully customize the background, time, date, etc., or add widgets to preview information. Messaging apps and apps Strengthen email messages and redesign apps to control smart home devices. Home provides health and fitness apps for all iPhone devices. Subsequent users will only be able to use it if they own an Apple Watch.

Summary of iPhone 14 Pro specifications known so far 

  • Screen: 6.1 inches (6.7 inches for iPhone 14 Pro Max). 
  • Screen frequency: at 120Hz With ProMotion technology, it automatically adjusts the screen frequency from 1 to 120Hz depending on the content or context. 
  • Design: Minimize the bezel of the front camera and Face ID in the circular cutout on the display next to the dial. 
  • Support for Always-on Display in newer versions of iOS 16. 
  • Processor: A16 Bionic. 
  • RAM: 6 GB. 
  • Main camera: 48 MP. 
  • New and better front camera. 
  • Supports 8K video recording. 
  • Wi-Fi 6E support. 
  • Same lighting port as the previous version.

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