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  We offer you  the game City Car Driver 2, Cars in the city for iPhone and Android  in  the Emad Store  and the Golden Plus Store  , through which  applications and games for  iPhone  and Android  and technical topics are continuously presented.

Information about City Car Driver 2

Download the car simulator game, who among us does not want to learn to drive, especially driving a car, we review with you City Car Driver also known as city driving, a video game available for free on many different platforms, most notably among them, is the Android apk version that allows everyone Enjoy the game and have a lot of quality time, no matter how long you spend in the car driving simulator game for Android, you will not feel time or boredom, instead, in any of the other games we have come across, you do not have any advantages that will push you to keep playing , so we brought you the most fun and exciting games, very lightweight, based on the opinions and reviews of players and long- experience of the term requires very few specifications, that is, a large part of them can be played on your PC, on the other hand, devices have Android or iPhone ios and other operating system devices with minimal features.Suitable for players of all ages from 3 years old and up.

Features of City Car Driver 2

  • The quality is very high and the graphics and graphics are great, you won't find it in any other game.
  •  The game sound is recorded in a professional studio, so you will find that all the game sounds are very similar to reality, such as engine sounds, wind and collision sounds, you will not find any difference between the game and the sound. truly.
  •  The game has a fidelity comparable to the most accurate games, in addition to a very large open world where you can roam in your car as you wish, because the game simulates a very large city with all its streets, places, buildings and buildings. many other things.
  •  The requirements to run the game are very simple, and no expensive and large capacity equipment is required, but it can be played on medium and low capacity devices.
  •  In the game, you can try some exercises to improve your driving skills.
  •  You can customize your car, its color, change the tires or choose your car among 5 other types.
  •  Remember the most important traffic signs that you must adhere to in order to bypass these stages.
  •  The game offers you the experience of driving in different terrains and crowded places like city streets.

Download City Car Driver 2


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