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  We offer you  a wonderful children's game, Fishdom  , in  the Emad store  and the Golden Plus store  , through which  iPhone  and Android applications and games   and technical topics are continuously presented.

Information about Fishdom

Fishdom is an addictive logic game where you have to solve colorful and shiny puzzles to color your own aquarium. You will fill this aquarium with different types of fish and decorations and enjoy the wonderful waters.
In order to add fish or aesthetic items, you have to buy items with the coins you get to solve the puzzles that appear at the bottom right of the screen. Solve puzzles to win prizes. When you solve puzzles in just a few steps, you will get additional money, which can help you invest heavily in your shoes. In order to reach the desired goal in each puzzle, you must connect three or more items of the same color and earn points or reach the desired goal.
You can add dozens of different species of fish from Fishdom to your aquarium and you will be able to move around freely. There are different colors and types of fish that you can enjoy while swimming in the aquarium. In addition, you get a number of decorative items that will help you revitalize your aquarium and give a new look to the place where your fish live.

Features of Fishdom

  • As we said before, the game Fishdom for Android is unique in that it connects two games at once i.e. connect similar pictures, while taking care of the fish.
  •  The graphics available in the game are in RPG format, a feature that is hard to find in many other games.
  • This game gives you the advantage of viewing all the game content in 3D and high definition.
  • There are many different stages in between so you will not get bored while playing, but you will feel a lot of excitement and suspense.
  •  The game is suitable for all groups, young and old, with a smooth interface.
  •  It can be said that the sound in Fishdom for Android is a little closer to real ocean sounds and fish sounds.
  • The game is completely free, and you do not need to pay anything to register or download it.
  •  It contains multiple languages ​​from different countries of the world, including Arabic, which has increased its fame as one of the important games in the Arab world.
  • The game is small in size, you do not need to free up a lot of space on the phone, and you will not encounter obstacles when loading the game.

Download Fishdom


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