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  We offer you  a distinguished strategy game King of Avalon  in  the Emad Store  and the Golden Plus Store  , through which  iPhone  and Android applications and games   and technical topics are presented on an ongoing basis.

Information about King of Avalon

Kings of Avalon: Dragon Wars is a strategy and management game where you rule a small kingdom that is growing into a great empire every day. But it is not easy because you need to manage all your resources well to make sure that your kingdom thrives.
The gameplay in Kings of Avalon: Dragon Wars is very simple: you just have to build and upgrade buildings in the kingdom to gain more resources and develop the kingdom. For this you will need farms, mines, stables, taverns and many other buildings. You also need food, wood, and gold to keep your empire rich.
Running an empire is important, but one must also pay attention to something equally important: war. In Kings of Avalon: Dragon War, you can recruit different types of teams, but the most successful teams are the dragons. You will be able to customize your dragon, adding to it various special abilities that you can use to destroy enemy colonies. Knights, archers and catapults are essential if you want to win.

Features of King of Avalon

  • War is everywhere. You and your allies need to prepare for a clash of clans, build special castles and assemble the largest army possible - you are not the only one looking to take the throne.
  • Alliances Nobody can do everything together, and whether you're uniting against a barbarian boss or uniting against other players, you need allies you can trust.
  • Dragons are legendary weapons of mass destruction, how will you train your dragons?
  • Live translation chat brings together thousands of players from all over the world at the same time.
  • Strategies achieve optimal functionality by researching and mastering destructive skills, staying out of sight for a chance to order an invasion.
  • The buildings are the foundation for a powerful empire to survive in the war with dragons.
  • Epic fantasy with awesome monsters and HD graphics.

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