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Features of the YouTube application YouTube for iPhone and Android 2022

  We offer you the  features of the YouTube application YouTube for iPhone and Android 2022   in  the Emad Store  and the Golden Plus Store  , through which  applications and games for  iPhone  and Android  and technical topics are continuously presented.

About YouTube

It's an app that has billions of videos uploaded by users for others to watch and download, the content of the videos varies from one target to another, you can't use YouTube to connect to the internet, all you have to do is download a new YouTube and browse the videos.

YouTube Features

  • The app is 100% free on Android phones and iPhones.
  • It works on all old and new phones, no problem.
  • The application does not occupy the internal storage space of the phone.
  • The app is battery-saving and energy-saving.
  • The ability to control the quality of any video.
  • Ability to show or hide translations.
  • Select the language for translation.
  • Video speed control.
  • The ability to search for any entertainment, educational, sports or artistic clip.
  • Write comments and chat with the creator of the channel.
  • Notifications feature to be notified as soon as any new clips are posted.
  • It relies on artificial intelligence to filter and display your favorite clips.
  • The ability to download any clip of any quality you want and watch it at any time without the Internet.
  • Create a list to watch later.
  • Create a video like list.
  • Know your video history and watch history from your account.
  • The ability to stream YouTube and link it to a modern TV screen.
  • Set specific settings for your account.
  • Kids Mode shows children's cartoon and song content and hides anything outside.
  • High control over the quality of the content available on YouTube and the removal of any inappropriate clips.
  • The ability to report any video that violates the community rules.
  • Ability to create YouTube channels easily from the application.

YouTube Download


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