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  We offer you  the advantages of the iMovie application for iPhone 2022  in  the Emad Store  and the Golden Plus Store  , through which  applications and games for  iPhone  and Android  and technical topics are continuously presented.

About iMovie 

Imovie 2022 is currently one of the biggest video making and maker software, and this software satisfies the needs of users in terms of multiple features such as different video add-ons, different effects, video trim, etc. To adjust different video clips and present them in the most beautiful format, quality and accuracy. Different.

iMovie Features 

  • You can download iMovie for iPhone for free without bothering with ads.
  • Easy to download and use with a simple interface.
  • One of the best video editing software with music and effects.
  • It allows you to watch movies and promotions on all your devices, including iCloud.
  • Share videos via social networking sites such as: Facebook and Instagram.

Disadvantages of iMovie 

  1. Bad camera connection issue is one of the most common problems that users encounter when dealing with software.
  2. Programs that load multiple commands at the same time cause slowdowns and may cause the program to close automatically.
  3. There is a problem downloading the movie, this may be due to an outdated version or not enough space on the device to save it, which requires the safety of things before doing the work.
  4. It cannot handle all audio file formats because it needs to change the audio to any of the program's iMovie formats so that it can output the audio with the required quality and the user will not be affected by the small audio.
  5. Overloading the program can lead to file corruption.
  6. Finally, the software may experience unsatisfactory curvature results, which requires ensuring that all steps are carried out accurately for a good and safe loading.
  7. There are some annoying effects that exactly need to be implemented, don't forget that.
  8. Not activating an executed offer is one of the most difficult problems you may encounter.

Download iMovie 

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