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Features of Google Translate App for iPhone and Android 2022

  We offer you  the advantages of the Google Translation application for iPhone and Android 2022   in  the Emad Store  and the Golden Plus Store  , through which  applications and games for  iPhone  and Android  and technical topics are continuously presented.

About Google Translation

Download the Google Translate Apk for Android and iPhone, latest version 2022, one of the best offline translators, you can translate text with the camera and useful options for users whose work is related to many foreign conversations, or browse book seekers in several different languages, as the application provides the ability to Translate written texts into more than 103 other languages, and it should be noted that you can deal with the application by translating many papers, words and documents without the need for an Internet connection, and this makes Google Translate one of the best options for many users.

Features of Google Translation

  • The software is available in 103 different languages ​​around the world, and anywhere you'll find Google Translate a useful travel companion.
  • The translation process is done easily with one click, without any hassle, select the paragraph to be translated, and the translation result will appear immediately.
  • It is available in more than fifty languages ​​for offline translation.
  • The camera can be used for translation, that is, it takes a picture and the program analyzes it using Google's algorithms to create a text that you translate into the language you want.
  • There is a voice translation between two languages, we don't need to type the translation, just tap the microphone button in the app until the screen appears to translate the voice into the selected language, this feature supports 32 languages.
  • Handwriting is easy, we click on the handwriting icon and start writing on the screen, then the program analyzes the writing of the text and translates it directly, and this feature supports more than 90 languages, including Arabic.
  • Save translations in it. If you are simultaneous translation of a word or sentence, and when we want to go back, we press the asterisk so that the word is saved in the phrasebook.

Download Google Translation


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