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   Hello, dear friends, in this topic, we offer you  a solution to the problem of the application is not installed on Android

Solve the problem of the  application is not installed on Android

  • First solution: Make sure of the storage memory.
Open the memory from the settings and make sure that you have enough space to install the application .. and if your mobile phone has memory .. try to remove the memory stick and install the application without it .. and make sure that it is safe and there is enough space on the memory if you install it.
  • Second solution: Reset Apps preferences.
Open mobile settings
Application Manager >> Everyone
Click on the menu icon (and on some devices the three dots at the top)
Choose "Reset Application Preferences"
  • Third solution: Clear the cache and data of the package installer.
 Settings >> Application manager >> Everyone >> Go to System apps “Three dots on top and select System apps” so that system apps appear in the list.
Now, search for "Package installer" or "Package installer".
Choose it and then choose Clear Data or Clear Data.
  • Fourth solution: Delete apps and games.
Remove unimportant apps on your phone and restart it..then try to install the app again and make sure that the app file is already working and there is no crash..I mean the file is tested, working and compatible with your mobile phone. .

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