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   Hello dear ones, in this topic we offer you information about the new Android 12 update

Information about the new Android 12 update

And speaking of official system updates, Google recently officially announced Android 12 – it has also sent out the Android 12 developer update as well for Pixel users, in order to also allow developers to tweak their apps and tools for the installation. And working on the new Android system, here is an explanation for installing Android 12 GSI version in case you want to try but you don't have a Pixel phone now.
According to Google's official schedule of upcoming updates, the release of Android 12 DP (short for Developer Preview) should end in May 2021, then the American company will release the first beta version of the system, which is often called Android 12 beta 1. For the stable version, it is usually After three betas of the last system, so we'll likely see it at the beginning of September 2021 if not at the end of August.
When will the Android 12 releases for developers as well as beta and stable versions arrive
Unlike some other phone manufacturers, Samsung usually doesn't join Google in beta builds, but starts its One UI beta program after Google itself finishes these trials and releases the stable version.

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