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Fifa Football game for iPhone and Android Fifa Football

   Hello, dear friends, in this topic we present to you the Fifa Football game for iPhone and Android.

Information about the Fifa Football app

Download FIFA Football for iPhone and Android 2022, many people are looking to spend a special time, to get rid of the void and boredom, so we find that there are many distinguished games that can be easily obtained and downloaded to your phones, among these games is FIFA Football, a game Football that football lovers adore, and we find in it fun, excitement and suspense, as it won the admiration of everyone who downloaded it, and it can be downloaded on all Android devices, iPhones and iPads, and it is one of the games that makes you meet new people, and share it with friends who love these games .

Fifa Football App Features

  •  Superb realistic graphics, graphics and sound effects
  •  Working as a technical director, making plans and replacing players
  •  The game has been completely redesigned in the new version. Plus, it's specially designed for mobile
  •  Win daily and weekly prizes. and free points
  •  More than 30 league championships, 650 real teams and more than 17,000 players from all over the world
  •  Buy professional players from other teams and add them to your team
  •  Participate in global online tournaments against players
  •  Collect points and unlock new features
  •  Innovative player-to-attack competition system.
  •  Match settings, such as controlling the weather, choosing stadiums, playing time and other things
  •  Available on multiple devices (PC / Laptop / Windows Phone / Android / iOS)
  •  FIFA Mobile is with you on your mobile wherever you go. Play it anytime
  •  Lightweight game. Besides the fun and great graphics, the game size is less than 90MB!

Disadvantages of Fifa Football app

  1. You must complete the learning stages of the game in order to unlock all its features.
  2. While playing the game, you may encounter slow game play.
  3. The match time is very short.
  4. It could be a technical defect that occurred while playing the game you can re-download it again.

Links to download the Fifa Football app


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In the conclusion, do not make this application or program, the game, and others, to delay you from your religion and your death and your friends, and we are innocent to God of any bad uses of what we offer, we offer it for people to benefit from it recreationally and practically and not for bad use or completely distracting it from the rest of the matters of life and religion.

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