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   Hello dear ones, in this topic we present to you the X-Mouse Button Control program for the computer

Information about X-Mouse Button Control 

X-Mouse Button Control for Windows 10 - a useful application for assigning certain actions with the operating system and programs to mouse buttons. Owners of devices with a large number of buttons will be able to help them simplify the process of performing a number of everyday computer tasks.

Features of X-Mouse Button Control 

  • Clipboard control (copy/cut/paste).
  • Media control (play/pause/stop/volume/mute etc.).
  • Submit any keys using the Simulated Keystrokes editor.
  • Run any windows application.
  • Take a screenshot (or an active window) to the clipboard.
  • Click and drag [pinned buttons/keys].
  • Various support for specific Windows operating systems, such as Virtual Desktops in Windows 10.

Disadvantages of X-Mouse Button Control 

  • Incomplete translation into Russian.

X-Mouse Button Control Download Links 

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