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   Welcome, dear ones, in this topic, we present to you the AliExpress Store for iPhone and Android

Information about the AliExpress Store app

Ali Express Store: A website specialized in online commerce - electronically. The company that established the Ali Express website in April of the year 2010, the Alibaba company has placed a lot of commercial and industrial goods on the site to be presented to consumers in two forms, either wholesale to merchants and shop owners, either individually, and this is intended for ordinary buyers, and the Ali Express store includes many goods And various products of accessories, cosmetics, international fashion, electronic devices and many more.

Features of AliExpress Store App

  • The possibility of working on the site in Arabic through Google Translate, as will appear in the explanation.
  • Buyer Protection is free on all products, provided the payment is made by one of the means that supports this feature.
  • Multiple and secure payment methods not available on other global shopping sites, such as payment by bank transfer - Western Union payment, which in short, is located within a service known as Escrow.
  • The possibility of paying in any of the currencies traded globally.
  • A distinctive and free mobile application, and the shopper can complete their operations completely and securely through it.
  • Multiple options and shipping companies to suit the buyer's requirements in terms of time and cost.
  • Enable the shopper to buy Chinese products from China (i.e. directly from the factory), because it is a Chinese site and because most Chinese products retailed on other sites are bought from sellers on this site.
  • The ability to track your goods, which is a nice feature that lets you know where your goods are. Aliexpres supports many shipping companies which provide you the tracking number feature to track your goods.
  • Shipping products to almost all countries of the world, and is often free if shipped by government mail.

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