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Sketch image design program for PC Windows and Mac - the latest information and download

   Welcome, dear ones, in this topic we offer you the Sketch program, image design for Windows and Mac computers - the latest information and download 

About Sketch Image Design for PC Windows and Mac -

It is a Mac only graphics design software that mainly focuses on digital design and also this software is important for those who are interested.

Features of Sketch, Image Design for PC, Windows and Mac

  • Sketch is mainly used to design images for advertising campaigns, such as social media marketing.
  • It comes with a completely free version.
  • If you just want to download photo design software, we will not recommend you to buy the paid version.
  • Sketch has been a huge hit for programmers as well, because it is used in designing web interfaces.
  • What distinguishes Sketch is that it is open source software, and any designer can modify your designs or work with you on designing the same images using another device but of course after you allow it.
  • This software has a feature that automatically changes the photo frame according to the size of the content in the photos.
  • This software is also used to write animated videos for computer.
  • Ease of modifying the images that you upload to the program, and changing the image quality to the best possible quality.
  • Unfortunately, this software only works on iOS, such as MAC and I MAC devices.

Disadvantages of Sketch Image Design for PC Windows and Mac -

  1. The program works on Mac only
  2. Not great for print design or illustrations.

Links to download Sketch image design for PC Windows and Mac -

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