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QQplayer QQ Player Video Player for PC Windows and Mac - Latest Information and Downloads

  Hello, dear friends, in this topic we offer you QQplayer, QQ Player, a video player for Windows and Mac computers - the latest information and downloads

Information about QQplayer QQplayer Video Player for PC Windows and Mac

It is a very excellent program that has won the satisfaction of users over the past years. It is one of the best video playback programs due to the many features that the program offers you for free without the need to pay any fees. You can through QQ Player raise the volume up to 1000% and this feature you will not find in most Video player software.

Also by downloading qq player you can play all videos in any format without the need for external codec packages, because of the updates that have been made in the program by the company that developed it in order to play flash files that are in SWF format and also to be able to play all media formats that we know.

Download QQ Player to play various media on your PC

Kiko Player also provides you a video playback software for PC to take photos from the video screenshot without the need for other photo capture software. You can also take screenshots of more than one image at a time, high quality images, and the nice thing about QQ Player is that you can compress the video without also having to download a video compression software.

Features of QQplayer QQ Player Video Player for PC Windows and Mac

The program has many important advantages and characteristics that made it superior to other video and movie playback programs, and among these advantages are the following:
  1.  The program plays videos and movies in high quality through the best international technologies.
  2. The program is characterized by playing the video in a very clear picture and high-purity sound.
  3. The program is distinguished by its unique and distinctive design, has a simple and attractive user interface, along with a clear settings menu that is handled with ease.
  4. The program is completely free to download to your computer and smartphone, without paying any fees or costs.
  5. The program supports many different formats that are distinguished by their difficulty and unique style.
  6. The program also supports all different Windows and Android platforms.
  7. The program supports the Arabic language.

Disadvantages of QQplayer QQ Player Video Player for PC Windows and Mac

  • Some buttons in the program appear in Chinese. These buttons are saved in encrypted files and cannot be accessed or translated. Installation and setup for older versions of it starts in Chinese, but this is not a problem because the buttons have an image that expresses their function more than any other word, and the installation and setup windows quickly change to Arabic or English, depending on the version. Also, the iOS software versions come in Chinese.
  • Many of the features present in the old versions of the program are not present in the modern versions such as video compression and transfer of video files to iPad and iPhone. Software developers must add and develop new features without deleting any features in the software.

System Requirements QQplayer QQ Player Video Player for PC Windows and Mac

  • Operating System: Windows, Microsoft, Vista, 7,8,10.
  • RAM: 1 GB.
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later.
  • File size: 64MB.
  • Space required: 70MB.

Links to download QQplayer QQ Player Video Player for PC Windows and Mac

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