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The story of the lion and the three bulls

 The story of the lion and the three bulls

The story of a lion and three bulls

The distant forests are filled with trees, large meadows and animals graze in peace and quiet. Among the animals that eat grass in these pastures are three, a white ox, a red ox, and a black ox, and they loved it. He was in the woods, and no one was able to get close to them, they helped each other a lot and supported each other in crises. Near the meadows are fierce lions and professional hunters. The bulls supported and supported her, and the lions did not care for her because she was hunted abundantly and was rich in animal.

In the hot summer the forest was plagued by droughts and droughts, said the animals, and the stories of lions and three bulls and his greed began to hunt them, but he did it. He knew that he could not attack the three bulls or hunted together because they were both strong and supportive, so he did a lot of tricks that could weaken the strength of the three bulls. He thought, and one day he went to the meadow, the lion passed and the three bulls were wandering in the pasture of peace of mind and happiness, the lion approached them and the bull looked at them, and the lion said to them as they gathered because they felt a possible danger. His eyes looked surprised at the behavior of the lion, but the lion and the three bulls were indomitable, so they agreed with him and praised the idea. As the days passed, they were happy with their lion friend.

One day a lion came and chose the red and black bulls and said to them, I want to tell you something, but the bright white bulls always reveal our lair, would you like to see us in danger? But since we are of the same color, did the bull ask him what to do? Help him, and when I finished chasing him, I asked both of you to eat your lot, and in fact the lion and the three bulls approached. A meadow was attacking a white bull that screamed for the help of two friends, but they did not help him. As the days went by, the trick the lion was considering went according to plan.

A few days later, the lion approached Red Bull and told him. "Your friend Black Bull may endanger us because he is a different color from us. The red bull agreed with the lion's opinion that he would not turn his back on the black bull. When the lion attacked him, to help him, in fact the lion removed the second bull leaving the red bull."

Meanwhile, the bull remembered the friendship and circumstances that the lion built between the lion and the three bulls, and he was afraid to wait for the lion, and one day the lion came in search of prey. At Red Bull, Red Bull told him: Say something before you eat me and call three. As an example of the disadvantages of discrimination.

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