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Summary of 101 Tips for Graduates

Summary of 101 Tips for Graduates

 Summary of 101 Tips for Graduates (Author: Susan Morem)

After a while looking for a job, one begins to feel that reality shocks him, life is not as rosy as he thought, and the dilemma of work and experience befalls him.

These are tips from more experienced people to shorten the path for you, avoid mistakes, and teach you how to succeed in your new life after graduation.

In today's episode, we will talk about skills and tips that help you understand after graduation to avoid confusion and understand the nature of your life after graduation.

1- Work skills:

 Unlike when you were a student, your success is not measured by your grades at the end of each year or your class application, but by your work skills, relationships, and financial and social security. Without the flexibility and skills to work, academic excellence (which I am most proud of) cannot come close to success.

To acquire business skills, you need to understand the following:

Your first job is "job search", be humble at this point, try a lot of jobs and don't feel like you're above any job until you reach something like you want to do.

Start with a small project to honestly assess your capabilities, gain qualification experience to work in a large site, and not get discouraged, even for a very small fee. give me please. There is no knowledge and experience, your confusion is obviously little, just go on with education and experience.

All messages you send to your resume should be honest, clear, and organized. Many people are rejected due to a very simple error in the message.

Treat yourself as a product to sell. Describe precisely your skills, the salary you want to earn, and what you can do. Doing so can give you the impression that you are very confident in yourself.

The first impression is the last, and trying to change it is much more difficult than creating it, so it looks like this:

 You have to make sure that you look disciplined... your date, your looks... and this is very important because it reflects the image you want to show yourself... Now you should let go of (the student look) and start looking mature. It really affects how people treat you.

Pay close attention to your body language and the impression you make on your facial expressions.

It is important to be humble, to help those with you at work, and to respect the spirit of the group.

Don't promise your boss to do too much. Always make some promises and surprise your boss with many things. If something happens and you lose productivity, no one will be disappointed or ignored.

Keep in mind that if you shy away from procrastinating and put off what you need to do, there are plenty of opportunities to miss.

2- Communication skills:

You need to learn how to improve the way you speak and how to choose your language. Talking to friends in college is not the way to talk to friends or bosses at work. Let's be more formal. Excessive joking gives the impression that you are frivolous or careless at work.

Keep in mind that everything you do has an indirect message to the people around you. If you are moving fast, you are in a hurry, if you are in a bad mood, you are upset, if you are waiting for someone to come in to you, you are paying attention to the messages he sends you. People also leave you, and use them to your advantage.

Also look at your tone of voice and make sure it's not harsh, and if you're a girl? You don't look sexy. This is not a place, so be clear with your voice so that it is not misunderstood.

Try to get rid of the verb phrases they always use, such as "Okay..mmmm..ah..ok..etc."

Look out for your stress and others, it can sometimes be annoying to the people around you.

Smile while talking, even on the phone. This affects your tone of voice, so avoid tweeting and saying all the words? put it back.

It is very important that you apologize if you make a mistake. The truth is not always with us. We are sorry for the mistakes we make and take responsibility for what we do. It shows that we are humble and cherish the people we are with.

When the words come out of you, they will never come back, and you cannot erase them. They are moving in one direction. So make sure that whatever comes out of you is honest and good manner without hurting others.

By preparing everything to speak from a trusted source, setting the objectives of the speech, knowing the audience to be addressed and their cultural background, organizing ideas, and supporting them with evidence and visual aids. Improve your presentation skills. The attention of your audience, and most importantly the time set for you so that they do not get bored or frustrated.

Always use words of gratitude and permission. For example, "Thank you for your permission." These words are never old, they are always effective, win the people in front of you, strengthen their spirit, look good and make people like you.

You need to master the art of small stories. That is, ask questions, listen carefully, show interest on a topic by topic basis, stay away from bad topics like religion, politics and income, focus on simple questions about weather, hobbies, the latest news and fashion, and stay proactive. Learn to ask questions. ..

3- Leadership skills:

A leader is someone who sincerely and deeply influences people and directs them on the right path. Therefore, there may be leaders in your life that you did not highlight, but who come first when you need advice or help, and do not lose sight of them. Please and always remember their kindness and gratitude. Imitate them, keep your info stingy, and advise the people around you not to fall for what you fell for. And succeed in what you do. Because it sets you as an example for people to follow.

To become a leader, you need to do the following simple things:

Help without pretending you're real!

Always learn and ask for help, even from people who are less effective than you. Life education is not just about certificates, so there are many lessons that are not taught in school.

 Understand that it takes time for everything to happen and no skills are born overnight.

 Try to act confidently even if you don't feel like it

Mine acquires your stories, there is wisdom that says its fake until you make it

Appearance matters again.

It is important to be reviewers and reviewers.

Read about the difference between managing and trying to win people over.

Pay attention to each of your interest in the idealized image of the physical; Because when you win people on your side, you will create a good environment for work, which will cause an increase in the number of people in your class.

4- Social skills:

Most of the problems that a person faces have to do with people, such as the manager's nervousness, or the treatment of a client, or ostracism

How do you deal with this method?

Think please.

Try to make excuses for others; Because everyone has their own worries that affect them in a opaque way

  We hear a good voice.

Look for two people in common with things that complement what you have.

Take care of attending special events, etc

Would you like to watch or live your life?

= Because you make people stop, for example?

 Try reading emotional or social in order to become better in dealing with people, and it is impossible to have a healthy and healthy relationships without learning to control yourself, which you will get with experience and time.

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