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 Samsung Galaxy Note 21 .. Specifications, price, release date, features and news

Samsung Note 21 phone specifications

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 .. Specifications, price, release date, features and news

Samsung is betting on the Samsung Galaxy Note 21, a foldable mobile phone. This year, the Galaxy Fold Z3 with S Pen may already be supported, so the Galaxy Note 21 may or may not appear in the light of the smartphone market.

At this point, it's up to Samsung to determine the course for the future, but as always, Leak makes it clear that the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 is heading to market on specs, to say the least.

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1 Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 21 be released?

2 Samsung Galaxy Note 21 price and expected release date

3 Design and Display in Galaxy Note 21

4 Specifications and functions

5 Samsung Note 21 camera and photos

6 5G connection

Samsung Galaxy Note 21

According to some sources, Samsung was seriously enjoying the idea of ​​canceling the Galaxy Note lineup in 2021. Initially, some sources claimed that it exited Samsung's wallet in 2021 for trivial, but very logical reasons, such as the absence of the Note 21, the upcoming S21 Ultra and Next Z Fold3. It is widely rumored to come with S Pen support.

But the most contradictory rumors are that Samsung may eventually cancel the Note, which won't happen in 2021 and that a final dissolution of the Note series is planned. This is actually Note 21.

Alternatively, another rumor suggests that the Galaxy Note 20 FE will appear in place of the Note 21 series.

The Samsung Mobile manager said, "It may be difficult to launch the Galaxy Note later this year. The launch timing may be different, but we will not abandon the Galaxy Note." consumer. "

The Samsung Note 21 may not release in August as usual, and rumors and leaks are pointing to another launch window, possibly pushing it even higher early next year, in 2022.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 21 price and expected release date

Galaxy Note 21

If the above is wrong and Samsung sticks to its traditional schedule, you should expect the Galaxy Note 21 sometime in August 2021 with the announcement of the Galaxy Fold 3 or Z Flip 3 / Z Flip Lite.

In this case, the Note could be launched further, with the Fold Z3 shining in August and the Note 21 being pushed back to January 2022 along with the Galaxy S22 series.

As far as the price tag is concerned, we might consider another potential $1000 starting with the Samsung Galaxy Note 21. That could make it hard to sell, since foldable devices will become more affordable over time.

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Design and Display on Galaxy Note 21

Galaxy Note 21

One thing to keep in mind about the Note 21 is that some specs have yet to be leaked. If it does, the Note 21 will likely come with a screen larger than 6.8 inches, and the selfie camera will likely appear below. Make sure there are no cracks or crevices on the screen.

Samsung recently announced the brand name for a new technology, UPC, which stands for bottom camera, and places the camera sensor under the active pixel of a TV or smartphone screen.

Some rumors suggest that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be the only Samsung phone with a secret selfie camera in 2021. Then, the official video of Samsung showed a mysterious note-like phone that was displayed for a few seconds. Gap.

Note 21

Samsung is said to have brought a camera at the bottom of the screen for some time, but concerns about image quality are holding back innovation. The presence of a camera under the screen reduces the amount of light that reaches the selfie sensor directly, which is undesirable and as a result of the image. Lower.

When it comes to design, no surprises are expected. The Note series design language peaked a long time ago, and Samsung generally sticks to that mantra. The exterior is expected to look almost like glass. Samsung is sticking with the matte glass and metallic design of some of the elements offered on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

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Specifications and Features


The flagship device, the Note 21, certainly comes with a pair of flagship processors: Snapdragon for the US and Exynos for other countries. Specifically, these are the recently announced 5nm Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100, which will fit in. How much RAM and internal storage Samsung Galaxy Note 21.

The S Pen is definitely part of the package and an integral part of the Galaxy Note line, and it's always evident in the Note series, even if other Samsung devices have registered support for the S Pen.

In addition to pure hardware support for the S Pen, the Note series also has a number of software features to accommodate the additional features that make the two a much better pair.

Samsung Note 21 camera and photos

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 Ultra

Like most of the flagship Galaxy models of the past few years, the Note 21 definitely comes with a triple camera setup consisting of the main wide-angle, wide-angle, and telephoto cameras.

Based on the specifications of the Galaxy S21, the Note 21 could theoretically record the same triple camera system found in the S21 Ultra. This means a 108MP sensor and ultra-wide-angle zoom. Yen 100x and what

There are 4 cameras on the back and the main camera is high mira

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5G connection

Pictures of the Galaxy Note 21 Ultra

The companies that will release it in 2021, it seems, were just beginning to appear.

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