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Information about the master's thesis

 Information about the master's thesis

 A master's thesis is a scientific study undertaken by a student after three years of university research to prepare a master's thesis.

A master's thesis is one of the most important studies a student undertakes in his or her life, and a very high percentage of students must have a bachelor's degree in order to qualify for a master's thesis.

By writing a master's thesis, students aim to add something new and present new and outstanding scientific research that contributes to the development of this field.

Through a master's thesis, researchers can also prove or disprove the validity of a theory, using a body of evidence and evidence to prove the validity of his words.

The master's thesis is primarily intended to create a spirit of discussion on an issue so that students can emerge from these discussions with something concrete and informative for their community and discipline. progress in the development process.

Students also organize previous ideas that researchers must rethink when collecting a lot of information from a variety of sources through their master's thesis, and then organize that information to create new research that benefits society.

Master's Thesis

Scholars also criticize many things that have become entrenched in the surrounding environment through their master's thesis, and the purpose of criticizing these issues is not to belittle them, but to their main goal, which is to improve your thinking anew. To generate ideas with very clear and clear goals. The goals the students were looking for were achieved.

The other purpose of the master's thesis is to clarify the relationship between the two ideas, to study the strength of their interrelationship, and their combined effects.

Students also aim to correct general ideas and a wide range of phenomena that require those who pay attention to them and those who study them from the necessary aspects by writing a master's thesis.

One of the objectives of the master's thesis is to recreate a set of previously known facts, but students must be careful not to repeat these facts verbatim. Rather, it must be returned through the researcher or scientific reinforcements approved by the researcher. We may deny existing facts in order to replace them with new facts associated with them. Correction proves the correctness of his words.

Also, obtaining a scientific degree and a prestigious position is one of the most important goals that researchers seek by writing a master's thesis.

Implementation of the master's thesis prepared by students in the field is one of the most important goals that researchers seek by writing this thesis.

What is the type of master's thesis?

Master's Course Guidelines:

This discipline is most commonly used in theoretical, philosophical and intellectual research and is one of the levels of graduate research.

In order for students to obtain a bachelor’s degree, they must earn a bachelor’s degree at a rate commensurate with the rate required by international universities.

Students may complete their studies in either a Bachelor's degree major or any of these majors.

This system is common in most international universities, and the research period is three years.

MA in System Philosophy:

This system differs from the master's degree system in that it focuses on research of 40,000 words, or the equivalent of research practices led by research projects.

Research systems are widely used in the study of applied utility in science, technology, medicine, physics, chemistry, etc.

This system is characterized by the fact that in order to contribute to the development and progress of the system, the thesis must contain new innovations and inventions for the same specialty that the student is studying.

The duration of research in this system is two years, and at the end students submit a master's thesis of 40,000 words.

Master's Research System:

This type of master constitutes a compromise between the two previous types of masters.

This system is used by anyone wishing to write a master's thesis in the fields of application and science.

This Master's program is linked to philosophical and theoretical qualities, allowing students to submit their Master's thesis in the areas of Business Administration and Accountancy.

What is the procedure for a master's thesis?

The master's thesis should present the theoretical aspects, including the presentation of what is available from reliable and well-known sources during the period of study.

Researchers then need to present the intellectual trends and goals they are trying to achieve through scientific research, and thus need to prepare a perspective to address the topic they are studying.

Researchers must then present their evidence and assumptions with greater influence than near-consensus evidence.

In addition, the researcher presents the suggestions and recommendations contained in his thesis for the benefit of other researchers. Researchers should also pay attention to other avenues of research related to the topic.

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